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Natural Makeup
face mask set + silicon mask brush + diy
DIY Mask Set

The Perfect Tools for a DIY Face Mask

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facial clay multi pack + kaolin clay + v
Facial Clay

Multi-Pack of Loose Clay Powder Ready to Use or for DIY

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must have essential oils + basic essenti
Essential Oils

Mix with natural oils, body butters, and clay for DIY skincare.

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DIY turmeric masks have been a major trend on social media and beauty sites lately, and with  good reason - they're so good for your skin! There are several reasons why Turmeric Face Masks can help you get your glow on. The curcumin in this brightly-colored spice has powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, thus the turmeric benefits for skin can include detoxifying, anti-aging, calming, and healing. In other words; it can help clear congestion, helps to heal blemishes and reduce scars, can boost collagen, and prevents damage from free radicals. Read more...

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