15 Ways I Use the Be Well Calming Butter

Originally formulated with new moms in mind; Be Well's safe and gentle all-natural organic moisturizer has gained the reputation of a full-body treatment that can be used by the whole family. Made with ingredients like olive and coconut oil as well as natural plant butters like shea butter and mango butter, it is as the product name suggests, very calming. Disclosure: Part of a paid partnership with Be Well.

Free of both artificial fragrances and essential oils, it's completely non-irritating, which makes it perfect for problematic skin and for people with allergies. I'm not against using essential oils, but I am allergic to a few of them, and a few of the ones I do like in skincare can cause irritation when used on my face, especially near my nose and eyes. It's so helpful to have an all-purpose unscented moisturizer like this on hand. Below are 15 ways I've enjoyed using the Be Well Calming Butter.

1. Eye Balm - As I get older, I find that I need more moisture on the skin under my eyes. The natural oils and butters in this provided plenty, while the beeswax helps seal it all in overnight. And because it doesn’t contain any irritating ingredients, I’m also able to use it on my upper lids and the rest of the eye area too, to help smooth out lines and wrinkles.

2. Eyelash Growth Treatment - One way I keep my lashes fuller and thicker as I age is to minimize breakage and fallout in the first place by preventing them from becoming dry and brittle. A nourishing all-natural moisturizer like this does the trick without causing any irritation.

3. Mascara Primer - Mascara formulas can cause dryness on the lashes, so in addition to keeping my lashes moisturized, I further prevent drying by using a spoolie to lightly distribute a very small amount of the Calming Butter onto lashes before applying my mascara. It also helps prevent clumping! If you try it this way, be sure to use just a tiny bit and avoid the lash line, as it could cause your makeup to get in your eyes.

4. Brow Tamer - I’ve never gotten into the brow soap trend, because I like to use what I already have on hand, and I knew the Calming Butter would be perfect for keeping brows in place.

5. Lip Balm - With the natural plant butters and oils in the ingredient list, it seemed only natural to use this as a lip balm. It's so moisturizing and really helps smooth out the lines on my lips before I apply lipstick.

6. Lip Mask - In addition to being a great lip balm throughout the day, the beeswax in this serves as an excellent sealant and makes the Calming Butter perfect as an overnight lip mask.

7. Makeup Primer - If you break out easily from heavy moisturizers, I wouldn’t recommend this as facial care, but I knew my skin could handle it. I often use shea butter as a makeup primer, to help smooth out the appearance of wrinkles and to give my skin a dewy glow. I wouldn't personally use it every single day for this purpose, but it's wonderful every now and then before a photoshoot.

8. Moisturizing & Softening Hair Mask - Towards the beginning of this Summer, my hair had become very dry, and my usual DIY hair masks made with natural oils just weren’t cutting it. I’m glad I gave this moisturizer a try, because it left my hair so soft, and my natural waves were revived. It truly worked so well on my hair, I'd repurchase solely to use it as a hair mask, let alone all of its other uses.

9. Multi-Purpose Hair Styling Balm - I'm always on the lookout for all-natural hair styling options. Using this type of product post-shower can be a little tricky. I avoid using it on the top of my head, so it won't weigh hair down. I rub a small pea-size amount in my hands then lightly apply it to the ends of my hair, and then I use whatever is left on my hands to lightly smooth frizz and help define my waves, and to smooth any flyaways at the hair line.

10. Hand and Body Balm - Naturally this works so well as a body balm, but it's also heavy-duty enough to keep dry hands and feet moisturized too. I wash my hands countless times a day and also have to keep my hands in great shape for work. This Calming Butter is so effective without feeling too greasy.

11. Cuticle Cream - As I just mentioned, I have to keep my hands in great shape for work. I don't often struggle with dry hands, but I do get damaged skin near my cuticles and on the sides of my nails. The Calming Butter helps smooth down those areas whenever I have a hand-modeling project coming up.

12. Eczema Relief - Having a son with eczema, I get how difficult it can be to treat itchy, painful flare-ups. It's so frustrating to shop for so-called eczema treatments only to find that some of them contain drying and irritating ingredients in addition to their active ingredients...even some of the products recommended by dermatologists and with the seal of approval from the National Eczema Association.

This all-natural balm is so gentle and so moisturizing, without any irritating ingredients. For people with eczema or other inflammatory skin conditions, this minimal ingredient list provides a safer way to soothe flare-ups and to moisturize extra-dry skin.

13. Gentle Makeup Cleansing Balm - I've come to prefer oils and balms for removing eye makeup, but I tend to just use plain olive oil or almond oil from the grocery store instead of using cleansing balms. My eyes are so incredibly sensitive that cleansing balms or oils with too many added ingredients, even natural herbal ingredients, typically cause itchiness and irritation. Because this balm only contains oils and plant butters, I was happy to use it as a cleansing balm, even on hard-to-remove eye makeup.

14. After-Shave Calming Butter - Shaving can cause dry, itchy skin. Moisturizer typically helps, though right after shaving, the skin on my legs can be very sensitive. The Calming Butter is such a gentle way for me to moisturize and soothe my skin.

15. On My Doggie - Yes, you really can use this on your pets! My German Shepherd Emma gets incredibly dry flaky skin at times, so I applied it to her dry patches, which had recently become worse than usual. For the first time in days, she slept though the night without waking to itch and bite at her skin.

I've said it before - formulas matter. While the ingredients are accessible and minimal, this particular formulation provides a dreamy soft texture that spreads like butter. And though it absorbs well without leaving a greasy residue, the addition of beeswax makes the benefits of this calming butter long-lasting. That is something that can't be said with all of the products I try, so I really appreciate that I don't have to constantly reapply it.

The Be Well Calming Butter comes in a recyclable, reusable glass jar and is available in two sizes. The smaller jar lasted me for over a month, even though I used a lot of it on my dog's skin issue. Because it's safe for the whole family, and because it can be used head to toe for so many purposes, it's a must for families and is perfect for travel as well. Can you think of any other ways to use this Calming Butter? Please let us know in the comments below.

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