3 Ways to Cleanse with a Smudge Spray

A liquid smudge spray is such an easy alternative to a traditional smudge stick, and I find that it makes it even easier to incorporate different types of cleansing rituals into everyday life. For someone like me with a lot of respiratory allergies, it's also the perfect smokeless alternative when it comes to a cleansing ritual. Whether you prefer prayer or meditation, there are several different ways you can incorporate a liquid smudge spray into a cleansing.

First, let’s touch quickly on cleansing itself, because I know a lot of you have expressed interest in things like crystals, moon magic, guided meditation, etc.; though you’ve also expressed an interest in learning more about the basics.

The basics of cleansing start with the presumption that for every place and every person there can be positive energy, negative energy, and stagnant energy. If you’re an intuitive or sensitive person, you know exactly what I mean, because you pick up on it every time you enter a room or spend time around another person. You may even pick up on positive or negative energy in objects. Naturally we want more positive energy around us...more good vibes.

Though before we fill up a space with more positive energy, it’s important to cleanse it of negative or stagnant energy. You can use a liquid smudge spray to cleanse anything from a space, an object, or a person; and there are several different ways to go about it.

3 Ways to Cleanse with A Smudge Spray

1. Cleanse Yourself - If you’ve been feeling down or sluggish, a personal cleansing can help improve your mood and give you a boost of energy. As you spritz the air with a liquid smudge, imagine any negative thoughts and emotions falling away, then take several deep cleansing breaths as you meditate on which positive emotions you want to feel.

2. Cleanse Your Space - Whether it’s your house or your office, cleansing the space where you spend most of your time is so important. We all go through different moods, and the negative ones can hang around.

If you’re sensitive, you may feel a heaviness in the air if you’re surrounded by negative energy; and stagnant energy can leave you feeling bored, tired, or absent-minded. From your home to your office and even your car, the places in which you consistently spend your time can greatly benefit from a routine cleansing.

If you work from home, a quick spritz of liquid smudge in the evenings can be an easy way to set the mood from work time to personal time.

3. Cleanse Your Crystals - If you've begun to use crystals during meditation, don't forget that they need to be regularly cleansed as well. As they're often used to repel, amplify, or attract certain energies; they can build up stagnant or negative energy just as a person or a place can.

To cleanse crystals with a liquid smudge spray, simply spritz the air around them. For a more thorough cleanse, rinse them under running water, pat dry, then lightly spritz them with the liquid smudge spray and store in little containers or fabric pouches to keep them clean between uses.

During a traditional cleansing ritual the smoke from a smudge stick is often wafted into every corner of a space and along each wall. When using a liquid smudge however, you can simply spray it a few times before or during your meditation.

While there is no right or wrong way to do a cleansing with liquid smudge spray, you'll have much more success if you focus on specifics. For example which specific kind of negative energy are feeling in yourself and in your space? Which kind of positive energy would you like to add to your space?

If you find that you're holding onto anxiety regarding a certain situation, you can focus on feeling more calm as you perform a cleansing. For this you can incorporate soothing elements like lavender and a relaxing candle.

If on the other hand, you're battling sluggish energy, you can brighten up your space with the right energy. Include elements like a bright orange or yellow floral arrangement, and use a liquid smudge with notes of orange and peppermint to boost both your mood and your energy levels.

I really love that unlike a traditional smudge stick, a liquid smudge spray incorporates aromatherapy without all the smoke and with so many different scent options.

My current favorite, the White Sage + Lavender + Rose liquid smudge from Xtal Yin Beauty, is honestly one of the most pleasant-smelling smudge sprays I've used. It has the most wonderful floral scent of rose with a subtle touch of soothing lavender. The white sage is for cleansing, while the lavender is calming, and the rose promotes happiness and love.

This liquid smudge is also infused with black tourmaline to help repel negative energy. It's the perfect smudge spray to eliminate negative energy and to promote positivity, a relaxed environment, and a loving atmosphere.

Have you performed any cleansing rituals? Let me know in the comments below!

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