5 Ways Magnesium Can Help You Beat Anxiety

Updated: May 26

I’ve been sharing about my anxiety more and more lately, and my reason for that is I want to help any of you suffering with anxiety. In addition to cognitive therapy, there are so many ways we can naturally beat anxiety, so lets keep exploring those options together.

Lately I’ve been using a combination of supplements, aromatherapy, and topical products to keep my panic attacks at bay. One of the biggest improvements in regards to my anxiety disorder came after I increased my magnesium intake.

There are several health benefits of Magnesium, as well as several health issues that can arise from a lack of magnesium. Let's talk about the ways it can help relieve anxiety.

1. Magnesium Slows Down Brain Activity - Magnesium stimulates GABA receptors in the brain, When GABA levels are low, you can find yourself easily distracted or plagued by racing thoughts. Magnesium increases GABA levels, allowing your brain activity to move at a slower pace, which naturally can provide a feeling of relaxation.

2. Magnesium Reduces Stress Hormones - Stress hormones like cortisol contribute to brain fog, depression, anxiety, insomnia, etc. Getting adequate Magnesium helps to block this stress hormone from entering your brain and wreaking havoc on your mood.

3. Magnesium Helps Release Muscle Tension - In addition to blocking cortisol, magnesium also inhibits the stress hormone epinephrine. With these two stress hormones in check, your muscles can relax and help to end the fight-or-flight stress response, which can be a viscous cycle for people suffering from panic attacks. This benefit to Magnesium intake has also been known to alleviate restless leg syndrome.

4. Magnesium Helps You Get A Better Night’s Sleep - Given the last few benefits of Magnesium, a natural result of reduced muscle tension and stress is a better night's sleep, which in turn further helps to combat stress and anxiety.

5. Magnesium Increases Brain Plasticity - Magnesium is one of the few nutrients known to aid in the brain's ability to heal itself and make new neural connections. If you rely on therapy, positive self talk, and other mental exercises to relieve anxiety disorder; increased brain plasticity can greatly enhance the effectiveness of cognitive behavioral therapy.

Whether taken orally or topically, there are several ways this nutrient can greatly reduce your anxiety. I currently take a Magnesium supplement and also use a magnesium lotion.

I've been loving the Butter Me Up Organics Magnesium Lotion specifically. It can be taken topically by adding a small amount to your feet before bedtime. Though I like to rub it on my restless legs and my tense shoulders. I've definitely noticed a decrease in my restless legs, anxiety, and muscle tension as well as a more restful and deep sleep since I started using it. Have you tried a magnesium lotion yet? Let me know in the comments below!

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This is not intended to replace the advice of a physician nor is it intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease. Please consult a medical professional regarding supplements or if you need professional treatment for anxiety.

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