5 Ways to Beat the Summer Frizz with Lis'n Haircare

“Hair is everything, we wish it wasn't so we could actually think about something else occasionally. But it is. It's the difference between a good day and a bad day."

That is a quote from Fleabag (a hilarious show I highly suggest you catch up on!), and it's just so true. Whether you have thick and naturally wavy hair like mine, or fine straight hair, I'm guessing one of your biggest hair challenges during the Summer is frizz. Extra exposure to the sun can cause dryness and damage, while the increased moisture in the air creates unwanted frizz.

With these Summer hair styling tips, you can have a good hair day all season long...I promise.

1. Nourish and Balance Your Scalp with A Hair Oil

The right shampoo and conditioner is important for cleansing and hydrating your hair, but don't skip the important step of nourishing your hair and scalp after your shower! Cleansing the scalp can lead to dryness, which causes a viscous cycle of an oily scalp, followed by dry scalp and so on. I like to use a moisturizing hair oil to balance my scalp and nourish strands. Coconut oil used to be my go-to for a leave-in conditioner, but I've recently found that the benefits of macadamia oil for hair far outweigh the benefits of coconut oil. The Lis'n Perfect Finish™ Hair and Body Oil, made with macadamia oil, absorbs quickly, leaving no greasy residue. It eliminates frizz and leaves the hair more sleek and soft.

2. Protect Your Strands and De-tangle Before Drying

To be honest, I never realized just how crucial it is to brush the hair before it dries until I began researching for this article. For example, If you're repeatedly leaving your hair tangled and wavy as it air dries, that is the texture your hair will naturally take on over time. On the plus side, the more you make it smooth and sleek before drying, the more smooth and sleek your natural hair texture will become!

Though it's also vital that you protect your hair before you brush it, because as the hair dries, it is most vulnerable to breakage. There is a long scientific explanation in this article about Why Humidity Makes Your Hair Curl, which my inner nerd found extremely fascinating; but to put it simply - water creates both more volume and weakness in the hair strands. So while it's so important to brush your hair before it dries, it's equally important to protect your hair from breakage that can occur during brushing. The Lis'n IN.CREDIBLE (!) Reparative Leave-in Detangler make the hair easier to brush, provides lightweight moisture, and also provides both thermal and UV protection.

3. Use A Hair Serum or Elixer to Address More Specific Hair Care Needs

Before you begin to apply your styling gel or hairspray, it's the perfect time to add another layer of leave-in treatment to address frizz or any other hair issues you might have. Think of it as the facial serum of hair care...I'm talking about your shine serum or volume booster or thermal protector. With the Lis'n All.U™ (need) Styling Elixir you get all of these benefits in one product!

4. Work with Your Hair's Natural Texture

Instead of fighting against your hair's natural texture, go with the flow and embrace your beachy waves. It is Summer after all. Whether you like to use a hair mousse or a thick cream, definition is key. Though rather than applying a defining mousse all over, I like to take individual little sections, especially near my face, and smooth and define them with the Lis'n Just.A(bit) Defining Cream. It provides definition and hold without the crunchy feel of mousse. I also like to use some of the defining cream in the palms of my hands to smooth down flyaways at the crown and on my hairline.

5. Seal It All In with A Flexible-Hold Styling Mist

Your hairstyle may look complete after step number four, but to make it truly frizz-proof, you need to seal it in and protect against any kind of weather. The right kind of hairspray for preventing frizz will create a humidity resistant barrier. The Lis'n™ Styling Mist is my favorite (I'd call it my holy grail) hair spray for taming and preventing frizz. I spray some into my hands and apply with my fingers for more targeted styling. Then I finish off the look with a fine misting all over. It's completely non-sticky, provides a firm yet flexible hold, and you can brush through it and restyle your hair in between washes without causing the dreaded white hairspray flakes.

I hope you've enjoyed these Summer Haircare tips. With the right products and the right techniques, you can have a good hair day despite all of the heat and humidity! If you have any questions about these tips or the products mentioned, please leave me a comment below.

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