8 Ways to Spring Clean Your Beauty Routine

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

Spring is the perfect time to deep clean and reorganize your space. A clean space is a more healthy space, and an organized space is a more calm and functional space. If you're already in Spring cleaning mode, it's a convenient time to make sure you put everything back in a way that will be both pleasing to the eye and more functional in your everyday life.

As a beauty editor and influencer, the biggest source of messes and clutter in my home is by far my beauty stash. Whether you face the same challenge or simply want to make your products more organized, here are my top tips on how to Spring clean your beauty routine. Disclosure: This article is in partnership with L'BRI PURE 'N NATURAL, and the cleansing products featured here were provided by L'BRI.

1. Consider Donating Duplicates or Unused Beauty Products

Whether you're an influencer like me, with more free samples than you know what to do with, or if you have some unopened bath and body gifts you received during the holidays that you know you're not likely to use; consider donating your extra unopened beauty products to a local women's shelter.

2. Deep Clean Your Makeup Bag

From lipstick smudges to little eyeliner marks and the occasional foundation spill, makeup cases can get quite messy. It's nice to give them a good deep cleaning every now and then. Simply remove all of the products from your makeup case or bag and use a cloth and all-purpose cleanser to wipe down the inside.

I used the L'BRI Sparkling Fresh Multi-Surface Cleaner. It's a natural plant-based cleaner that requires no rinsing and is tough on dirt, grease, and grime. I love that the concentrated bottle can refill the spray bottle about ten times! It's a simple and affordable way to cut down on plastic waste.

The multi-surface cleaner is perfect for wiping down water-proof cosmetic bags, but if your makeup case is fabric-lined, go with a liquid soap. On my fabric-lined makeup bags, I use a damp wash cloth and the L'BRI Daily Cleansing Liquid Hand Soap. For more information, check out this Step-by-Step Guide on How to Clean Makeup Brushes.

3. Toss Out Expired Beauty Products

If you've already taken beauty products out of their cases or storage bags, you might as well take it as an opportunity to get rid of any expired cosmetics. Check expiration dates, and when it comes to all-natural skincare products, you should toss those after about 6 months, as that is when they begin to lose their efficacy. You'll also be able to determine which items you should use up soon before getting into new products.

Some beauty items, like makeup, may not have an upcoming expiation date but if used, can harbor bacteria. That pretty red lipstick you haven't worn in over a year, for example, should probably be replaced. And makeup items like mascara can cause styes and eye infections. According to the FDA, most brands suggest replacing your mascara every 2-4 months. Here is a more complete list of How Often You Should Be Replacing Your Beauty Products.

However before you throw away old beauty product containers, consider which ones can be repurposed.

A plastic face cream container, for example, can be washed out and used to store little items like hair pins and hair ties, which can come in quite handy when traveling! A glass jar can be turned into a storage cup for more decorative items, like pretty pearl hair clips. And bottles that once serves as dropper bottles for face oil or spray bottles for pillow spray can be clustered together and used as flower bud vases. If you like to do DIY beauty, save any little mini jars for the next time you make a lip scrub or lip balm. Related: 10 Ways to Repurpose Cosmetic Containers

4. Wash Your Makeup Brushes and Sponges

This is the beauty cleaning tip I personally need to follow the most. I am so bad about regularly cleaning my makeup brushes and sponges even though I know that they can harbor germs and bacteria that can cause breakouts. Dermatologists recommend washing your most frequently-used brushes and sponges (like those used for applying foundation and powder) every 7-10 days. The brushes you may use less frequently can be washed just a few times per month.

While many beauty brands have come out with special tools and soaps specifically designed for cleansing makeup brushes, you really don't need anything aside from a clean towel and some gentle gel cleanser, like a gentle shampoo or gentle hand soap. I like to use my L'BRI Daily Cleansing Liquid Hand Soap for this as well. It's gentle yet effective, and it's always handy, since I already have it near my sink for washing my hands.

5. Add Something New to Your Beauty Routine

If you're like most people this time of year (myself included), you may be coming out of the post-holiday Winter blues. A change of weather and/or change of season is a wonderful time to boost your mood as well as your energy levels. When it comes to your beauty routine, why not try something new? If you've cleaned out expired products, you'll have room for a new addition to your Spring beauty routine. It could be anything from a fun face mask to a pretty pink lipstick or a fresh floral perfume.

6. Invest in Better Storage

If after you've finished cleaning out your beauty stash, you still find that you have more products than you have cosmetics cases, think about purchasing something that will provide more storage and better organization. For example, if you've managed to fill up multiple makeup cases and still have products scattered here and there, it may be time to organize some of your products in a cupboard or on a designated shelf.

It's important to have everyday items handy, but if you have an abundance of bath and body products, for instance, some clear stackable storage drawers that fit inside cupboards can help clear the clutter. This also makes it easier to access those products whenever you do need them.

7. Put Your Prettiest Products on Display

An easy way to save money on decorating is to use products you already own and use as decorative accessories. In your bedroom or bathroom, for instance, pretty beauty products like perfume bottles can have a bigger impact when grouped together on a decorative tray. The L'BRI multi-surface cleanser works on any non-porous surface, including glass, so I like to use it to make my trays and bottles shine like new.

There are a lot of beautiful vanity organizers nowadays that can also serve as both extra storage and decor in your bathroom or bedroom. For my prettier makeup products, I purchased this Cosmetic Storage Box Organizer for just $14.99, and it looks beautiful on my dresser. If you have a large countertop in your bathroom, it's also a beautiful way to organize everyday skincare products (pictured above).

8. Prioritize Beauty Products for the New Season

Before you begin putting your beauty products back into bags or on your shelves, take the time to think about which products you're most likely to use as the weather changes, so you can have those front and center for easy access. Spring is a great time to lighten up on coverage. You may want to reach for your tinted moisturizer instead of foundation, and swap out matte powder products for creamy lightweight formulas.

I hope you've found these cleaning and organization tips helpful. I find that Spring cleaning my beauty routine gets me excited for the new season and also helps to cut down on time I might otherwise spend looking for certain products. Having everything clean and organized helps to de-clutter my space as well as my mind, so I can feel more energized and motivated for the day.

Do you plan on Spring cleaning your beauty routine? Let me know in the comment section below!

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