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I experience a lot of aches and pains on a daily basis, from muscle tension and spasms, joint pain in my back, hip bursitis flare ups from my shortened gait as a result of my herniated disc, and most of all pain in my spine from the herniated disc. I don’t talk about it publicly very often, because I don’t want my disability to be the focus of my brand. However, I will talk about it whenever I think it can benefit you all. And today, I have to tell you how much the Relief - Muscle and Joint products at Okwuma Originals have helped me lately, even with some of my more severe pains.

I started out with just the Relief - Muscle and Joint Cream, even though the owner had suggested using the bath salts before applying the cream. I didn’t have time for a bath that day, and my shoulders were so tense that I was struggling with tension headaches. Upon applying the cream, I felt relief in minutes. My shoulder muscles relaxed, and the tension headaches I'd suffered with for days was finally starting to ease up. I wasn't surprised when I found that peppermint essential oil is one of the active ingredients in this cream. The pain relief benefits of peppermint essential oil include a soothing sensation, an anti-inflammatory effect, and when used as aromatherapy can reduce headaches.

Also in the Okwuma Originals Relief cream are six other essential oils used specifically to reduce pain due to inflammation. The addition of turmeric and ginger essential oils provide a warming sensation and are very effective at relieving inflammation. The combination of these with lavender, orange, frankincense, and eucalyptus essential oils provide a warming, soothing, relaxing, and analgesic effect. At night when my bursitis is flared up so much that I usually can't sleep without pain medicine and my heating pad, I've been able to just reach over to my end table and grab the relief cream.

Best of all, unlike most of the natural pain relief creams I've tried, this one actually smells good and is made with luxurious, moisturizing shea butter!

As incredible as the cream was on its own, it was indeed even more effective when used with the Relief - Muscle and Joint Bath Soaking Salts. The same essential oil blend that is in the cream gets combined with epsom salt, which contains the pain-relieving power of magnesium sulfate, and Mediterranean sea salt, which has many health benefits including pain relief. Soaking in a warm bath of these ingredients not only helps ease aches and pains, but also helps the pores open which helps the pain relief cream to absorb deeper into the skin, providing deeper muscle relaxation.

Whether you deal with common muscle tension or more acute aches and pains, I highly recommend both of these natural pain relief products. I will definitely be ordering more for myself!

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