DIY Hair Mask 3 Ways

DIY beauty treatments don't have to be reserved for just the face. You can use a diy mask on your hands, feet, body, and my most recent favorite, on the hair. Though as much as I love diy beauty, I don't always have the time or money to gather a lot of ingredients. With the Botanicals Beauty Create Your Own Collection, I can experience a luxurious diy beauty treatment with very little prep work.

I'm currently using the Botanicals Beauty Regenerate Signature Hair Mask, and what I love most about it is that it can be mixed with so many different things. Whether you have some coconut oil or honey in your cupboard, or perhaps a banana, there are so many different ways to mix this hair mask, depending on what you have on hand and what your specific hair care needs are. You can even mix it with your regular hair conditioner! Check out three different ways to mix this diy mask below.

The Botanicals Beauty Regenerate Hair Mask 3 Ways

1. One tsp Regenerate Mask + 4 tbs cup coconut oil - This was my personal favorite. The coconut oil helps to moisturize, adds shine, and tames frizz.

2. One tsp Regenerate Mask + one ripe banana - There are so many benefits of banana for hair; including moisturizing, nourishing, balancing oil on the scalp, and preventing damage.

3. One tsp Regenerate Mask + one ripe avocado - Much like a banana, mixing this diy hair mask with an avocado will deeply hydrate, nourish, and protect your hair. It's really a matter of personal preference and what you have on hand.

Warm the ingredients to ensure the mask mixes thoroughly, then spread evenly throughout your hair and let it set for 20 minutes before rinsing. That is the perfect time to put on your favorite face mask and relax with a good book or a warm bath (or most likely, catching up on Instagram).

In addition to the nutrients from the coconut oil or whatever you mix this mask with, the Regenerate Hair Mask is made with rhassoul clay and organic herbal ingredients like noni powder, amia berry powder, and ginger root powder that promote a healthy scalp and hair growth. It definitely left my scalp feeling more clean and healthy, and my hair more soft, sleek, and manageable.

Which fresh ingredients would you mix into this DIY hair mask? Let me know in the comments below!

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