Gift-Worthy Fragrances

Updated: Feb 27, 2019

A fragrance is such a great gift for a special someone. It's a luxurious and sentimental gift, yet it doesn't have to be expensive. And the best fragrance gifts can come in such pretty bottles. For an incredibly unique perfume, Immortal Perfumes pictured here, offers a combination of beautiful scents and rich, romantic history.

My personal go-to fragrances tend to be the Victoria's Secret perfumes. Scents like Sexy Little Things Noir by Victoria's Secret come in such beautiful packaging, though I'm partial to the scent of VS Pink and VS Sheer Love.

A fragrance can serve as a sentimental gift. With scents like Lollia In Love, Lollia makes for a very sweet fragrance gift. I love the floral prints and unique packaging for their other items like bath soap and lotion. For a nice sampling of the different scents, try this Lollia Little Luxe Gift Set.

For the prettiest perfume bottle any fashionista will love, go with Marc Jacobs Decadence, which looks like a glamorous little handbag; or this Carolina Herrera Good Good Perfume, which looks like a black high heel!

Though when it comes to luxury, skip the fashion designer perfumes and give something even more sophisticated. Back when I cleaned houses for a living (yes, I was a maid before my blogging days), I had a few very wealthy clients, and these luxurious women all had one thing in common when it came to their bathrooms - they each had a gleaming silver vanity tray covered with several expensive bottles of perfume. And the one brand that each of them seemed to always have on hand was Jo Malone. I love that they have beautiful matching candles as well. I think of all the Jo Malone London scents, I'm most interested to try the Jo Malone Peony and Blush Suede.

Rollerball perfumes have been a favorite of mine because they're more affordable, and also because they're perfect for travel. Whether it's for a weekend away, or simply for day to evening, I always keep one of these in my purse. So many perfumes are now available in this functional mini size. This Tocca Pamper on the Go Stella set of mini Tocca perfume rollers is the perfect sampling of this luxury fragrance brand.

My go-to for clean and cruelty-free perfume is KIND Soap. Their natural perfume oils come in rich scents like Bulgarian Rose and Black Currant. Priced just under $20, they're also incredibly affordable.

Any of these luxurious fragrances would make for a beautiful gift. Do you have a fragrance? Let us know in the comments below.

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