How to Harness the Power of the Pink Moon

You may have heard April's full moon referred to as the Pink Moon, but is it actually going to be pink? No...unfortunately not. This full moon gets its name from Wild Ground Phlox, one of the first flowers to bloom in spring, which when in full bloom cover the ground like a pink blanket. While I'm disappointed that the moon won't actually be pink in color, this is an exciting full moon for anyone wanting to tap into this time of new beginnings.

While any full moon is a great time for a meditation circle, this pink full moon, which often coincides with May Day, is all about renewal.

To tap into this transformative energy, all you need to do is set aside time for some mindful meditation and/or prayer.

Think on the things that are holding you back, specifically fears or negative thoughts, and replace those things with positive thoughts and intentions that will blossom into something good!

So get your pretty crystals out (black obsidian is perfect for this particular exercise, to ward off negativity), and grab a notebook and a nice cup of tea. This is also a good time for a cleansing ritual, if you like to burn smudge sticks. Though anything as simple as a pleasant smelling candle, a fragrance mist like this Lavender & Sage Smudging Spray, or an essential oil diffuser can serve the same purpose. If you really want to go all out, set the mood with a meditation circle outlined with fragrant pink flower petals. In keeping with the pink theme, you can also incorporate rose quartz crystal, the perfect gemstone for focusing on self love. Pictured: Clear Quartz & Rose Quartz,Black Obsidian Reiki Chakra Meditation Set of 9pc

Now simply make three short lists:

1. Identify the fearful or negative thoughts that are specifically having a toxic affect on your emotions and your life.

2. Come up with positive thoughts and potential actions you can implement to balance out the negative on a daily basis or as-needed.

3. Imagine the good things that will flourish in your life as a result, and actively move towards those things.

How do you plan to celebrate the Pink Full Moon? Let me know in the comments below!

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