How to Successfully Switch to Natural Deodorant

Making the switch from traditional deodorant has been just as important to me as swapping out all of my other toxic beauty products for items that are more healthy and natural. Some harsh ingredients in beauty products can cause dry skin and irritate allergies, while the top 5 controversial toxins in deodorants can also have adverse effects on our health. There are so many all-natural deodorant products on the market now, that it's so easy to find a better option.

Natural Deodorant Can Work for Anyone

I've reviewed several different natural deodorant brands already, and I always get comments like "I haven't found an effective natural deodorant" or "natural deodorants just don't work for me". The reality is natural deodorant can work for anyone, you just have to give your body time to make it through the adjustment period.

During the first several weeks of not using a traditional antiperspirant, you may find yourself sweating more, and you may experience some excess body odor. As you initially switch to natural deodorant, your sweat glands, which have previously been clogged by artificial antiperspirants, will begin to purge themselves of bacteria and chemicals that have been building up over the years.

Tips for Making it Through The Adjustment Period

There are several natural ways to speed up the deodorant detox process; like taking warm baths, sweating on purpose with a heavy workout, and drinking plenty of water. Products like an underarm clay detox mask can also speed up the transition by drawing out toxins and balancing the pH levels of your armpits.

There are also products that can help you through the switch to natural deodorant with less odor. On-the-go wipes and natural body mists are perfect for the adjustment period. I love that this Roses + Azalea Pit Revival Kit with an all-natural deodorant stick also comes with an underarm detox clay mask as well as an optional natural deodorant spray that can be used as a refresher throughout the day.

Look for These Key Ingredients

While anyone can make the switch to natural deodorant, not all of the natural deodorants out there are equally effective. Look for deodorants with ingredients like baking soda to help control sweating. If you have sensitive skin, arrowroot powder is a great alternative to baking soda for absorbing moisture.

Other natural ingredients like charcoal, coconut oil, and essential oils can help fight odor and bacteria. Some of the best essential oils for fighting body odor include tea tree, lavender, geranium, lemongrass, and bergamot; all of which have anti-bacterial properties. I'm personally a big fan of lavender and lemongrass. My current favorite is this all-natural Charcoal and Lemongrass Deodorant Stick.

Start Thinking of Your Natural Deodorant as Seasonal

Just like natural products for our face and hair may need updating with the changing of the seasons, so should natural deodorant products. For example, during the colder months and even during the Summer if I'm just staying in for the day, I can get away with most any natural deodorant. On the other hand, during a heavy workout or on particularly hot Summer days, I may need one of my natural deodorants with baking soda to effectively prevent sweating.

The adjustment period when switching to an all-natural deodorant can last anywhere from a few weeks to a month. With the right products, you can not only speed up the process but make it a much more pleasant transition as well. If you haven't had the best of luck with a natural deodorant yet, I challenge you to start with an underarm clay detox mask and follow my tips for picking the right natural deodorant products. Shop my faves via the links below!

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