Krisztina's Beauty Edit: April Edition

Is it just me, or does every month in 2020 thus far feel like a quick blur while also feeling like an eternity? I hope you're doing well, and with everything going on, I don't just say that out of my usual habit of politeness. I really do hope that each one of you are doing well. I plan to get back into sharing beauty vlogs and lots of new content, because I see my core followers asking for the distraction, and I totally get that, as I've needed it myself. I also see that the majority of you have been posting about needing anxiety relief, and I've got you guys there too. I've been coping with anxiety for a very long time, so I have plenty of tips there.

But first, I wanted to share a few things I've been loving for Spring, even though they may only be seen online instead of irl for the time being. These are all great beauty-themed gift picks too - something to keep in mind for Mother's Day next month. As usual, these are all independent small beauty brands.

It's more important now than ever to lend our support to these ladies.

If you've been here before or follow on Insta, you've likely heard of Taupe Coat before. It's by far one of my favorite vegan nail polish brands. In addition to their non-toxic, vegan, and cruelty-free formulas; they have such beautiful shades and the coolest packaging. I recently shot some product photography for their website, and I've been wanting to try each new shade since, especially their new Spring colors! I'm currently trying to decide between an elegant creamy nude nail polish called "Perfection" and their fun pinkish coral nail polish "Never Scared" (pictured below).

If you have your eyes on any of their shades, April is the time to shop! All month long, you'll receive a free bottle of their vegan non-toxic nail polish remover with any purchase (no coupon code needed). Fortified with Vitamin E, it's nourishing for both cuticles and nails, and it's free of acetone and parabens.

Another beauty product I love to switch up for Spring is perfume. Though I do gravitate towards lighter floral scents this time of year, I still like my perfume to be elegant and sexy. My recent fave is from Raw Spirit Fragrances. They've combined sustainably-sourced ingredients with sophisticated scents to create an ethical luxury brand.

They kindly gifted me with their Floral Rollerball Set, which includes Midnight Pearl - a sultry floral fragrance with the essence of real South Sea pearls, and Desert Blush - a light and slightly sweet floral that is grounded with a subtle earthy scent. I keep trying to pick a favorite fragrance between these two, and I think I love them equally. These gift-worthy perfumes are beautifully packaged and are available in various sizes and gift combinations. Raw Spirit Fragrances is currently having a 30% OFF site-wide sale.

With everything going on lately, I'm so thankful to still have my usual number of skincare sponsors this month, and I'm absolutely thrilled to test several products from Noan Beauty. They carry a wide variety of organic all-natural skincare and makeup products made with plant-based ingredients. From their mineral eyeshadows and Cocoa Kiss Hemp Lip Gloss to a mineral sunscreen and an under eye serum, Noan has all the natural skincare and makeup a gal could want, and they have Free Shipping on orders of $50 or more. I'll be testing their beautiful makeup and will post a tutorial on both IGTV and YouTube, with a detailed review on the blog. But for now, I want to share a few of their facial care products.

I've been using the Noan Serum Eye Contour made with soothing anti-inflammatory ingredients like aloe, lavender, and chamomile as well as Vitamin E to help smooth fine lines, and an arnica flower and hamamelis infusion. Arnica is a most commonly used as an effective healing ingredient for wounds, bruises, and sore muscles. In this eye serum, it serves as an anti-inflammatory for tired puffy eyes. I really like that the soothing ingredients in this can also help fight blemishes naturally. I have a tendency to get breakouts around my eyes, and it's nice to have something gentle enough to use on that sensitive area.

The Noan Facial Serum with Tea Tree and Lavender contains similar soothing ingredients including aloe, chamomile, lavender and the arnica and hamamelis infusion. The addition of tea tree and rose essential oils help to further fight blemishes, while jojoba oil helps to heal and repair, and rosehip oil provides several anti-aging benefits. I've personally seen improvement in my skin anytime I've used products with these ingredients, and after just a few times using this particular serum, my skin was noticeably smoother all over. I'm really looking forward to seeing even better results over time.

Thanks so much for stopping by the April Beauty Edit! Stay tuned on Insta for my personal review on all of these items, and you can go ahead and shop my picks below.

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