Krisztina's Beauty Edit: August Favorites

I know, I know...we’re well into September now, and I’m sure it’ll be October before we know it. A few weeks ago a stomach flu from hell set me back over a week on work. Typically I don't take off work, so that is how sick I was, to be in bed and physically unable to do much of anything and unable to eat much. I didn’t need to get tested for Covid since I was able to self-quarantine just in case. So it could very well have been Covid. Who knows. Nonetheless it’s why I’m just now getting around to the August Beauty Edit. Disclosure: Part of a paid partnership. Products were provided complimentary for testing and editorial purposes.

Several of my favorite beauty products over the last few months were from Malina New York, a wonderful all-natural personal care brand that caries facial care, body care, deodorant and lip balm. I first tried their organic mineral-based sunscreen, and I’m so glad I did. I prefer plant-based products for the most part, but I never knew just how important it is to avoid some of the most common ingredients found in chemical sunscreens. You can read that full article here.

What I’ve had planned to review from Malina particularly for the Beauty Edit is their all-natural deodorant. I like that it comes in a traditional stick deodorant for quick and easy application, and it is certainly effective at fighting odor. The natural deodorants at Malina also come in various fruity, floral, and herbal scents; like lavender, frankincense, and grapefruit. Though what I found most unique about this natural deodorant was the texture. It's softer than most stick deodorants, natural or otherwise. This soft texture, from shea butter and coconut oil, is wonderful for conditioning underarm skin. If you're not sure which one to try, start with the Malina New York Natural Deodorant Sample Set.

I tend to review a new body scrub each month, because it’s one of my favorite types of body care products, especially for my legs. A good exfoliating scrub is a great way to keep skin soft and glowing. It also helps me get a closer shave.

The Ginger Milk Body Scrub by Luminous Rose did all that and more. The strong natural ginger scent provides aromatherapy that is both energizing and relaxing at the same time. Made with moisturizing ingredients like honey, yogurt, coconut, and jojoba; it also helps prevent the skin from getting dry during washing and/or shaving. I really like that it has a minimal all-natural ingredient list I can feel good about.

Also made with natural plant-based ingredients, is the Embyr Oils Luscious Locks Hair Serum, and I’m so glad I got to try it out. I adore the fresh and slightly sweet lemon scent. I wasn’t expecting that scent in an all-natural hair oil, so it was a nice surprise. The second thing I noticed was the texture. For a nourishing hair oil, it’s quite light in texture, comparatively speaking. So if you like the benefits of a nourishing hair oil but have straight, fine hair; this is one to try!

It's great for smoothing thick frizzy hair too. Before I began using the Luscious Locks hair oil, my hair had become very dull and dry. I know the only way to eliminate split ends is to trim them off, however this oil did help smooth my hair so that it appeared more sleek and less damaged. It also gave it a very noticeable shine. With ingredients like cedarwood and rosemary, castor oil and almond oil; this serum can also help stimulate hair growth in areas that are thinning. I think most of all I liked that it works so well as a smooth and shine hair serum.

Over the Summer, I enjoyed lots of natural body care products from a fun brand called Outlaw, where they try to keep things as Earth-friendly as possible, from their ingredient sourcing to the product packaging and of course being cruelty-free (because otherwise their package wouldn't have made it past my desk). I received a nice selection of soap, lotion, body wash, and cologne. My son nabbed the solid cologne, which comes in a little reusable tin; while my daughter liked the all-natural hand-crafted bar soap.

My personal favorite from Outlaw Soaps was the Home On the Range Body Wash, which comes in a recyclable tin bottle, rather than plastic. That was such a plus for me, because while a lot of brands are jumping on the recyclable-packaging bandwagon, it’s important to keep in mind that only a small percentage of plastic actually gets recycled, whether or not it’s technically recyclable. In addition to being eco-friendly, their body wash has a very luxurious texture to it, and it’s very moisturizing with ingredients like shea butter, aloe, coconut and olive oil. I really liked the blackberry scent in their Home on the Range fragrance.

Poke around their website, and you'll see that they have several unique gender-neutral scents and that you can get these fun fragrances in a wide variety of personal care products. They even have a handy "Shop by Scent" section. If you have the time, read through their About info and their product descriptions. You'll get a chuckle or two and will leave their site with a smile on your face, I promise.

For my facial care routine these last few months, I got to try the debut skincare line TOPAZ, made by the owner at Lily Sage Apothecary. A lot of time and effort was put into developing this line, and it really shows in each individual product. You can see my in-depth review of the full line a little later this month here on the beauty blog, but if I had to pick one favorite to feature on the Beauty Edit (and believe me, it was a close one), I’d go with the TOPAZ Botanical Facial Oil.

Full of natural plant-based oils like buriti oil, jojoba, grapeseed oil, chia seed oil, kakadu plum oil, rose hip, hemp oil; I knew without a doubt that it was going to be a very good facial oil. Some of these ingredients take their time, as good anti-aging skincare often does, but there was still a very pleasant overnight effect after the first use. I woke up to soft, glowing, and plumped skin. After weeks and weeks of use, I’m happy to report that this gentle botanical formula smoothed out even some of my deeper wrinkles and prevented any new fine lines. I'm always a little nervous whenever I forgo my retinol and other wrinkle-fighting skincare ingredients to truly put a line to the test. While using the Topaz line, I really haven't missed those other products in the slightest!

I hope you've enjoyed this edition of the Beauty Edit! You can expect the next one very soon, as I was quite behind with this one. I'm excited to get into all the Fall beauty products and cold-weather skincare tips! Are there any particular products you'd like reviewed this season, or beauty questions you'd like answered here on the Edit? Let me know in the comments below!

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