Krisztina's Beauty Edit: June Favorites

Welcome to the Beauty Edit! I'm excited to share some of my Summer beauty favorites so far. From an all-natural self tanner and the perfect shimmery blush to a remarkable aloe gel that helps diminish my breakouts overnight, some of these picks are my new HG products that I'll be using all Summer long.

Disclosure: Products were furnished for editorial consideration and for testing purposes. Affiliate items will be marked individually below.

I was happy to include one of my favorite nail polish brands Taupe Coat, as they’ve come out with a new line of skin care products to get your hands and feet in tip-top shape. The new Taupe to Bottom Body Polish is great for getting your feet sandal-ready. Made with a walnut powder base, it's very effective at exfoliating rough dry skin and particularly skin that might be thicker, like on the feet, while it's gentle enough to use on your hands too. As you can see in the pic, it's a very finely-ground body scrub.

For extra thick skin on the soles, every order of the Taupe to Bottom Polish comes with a complimentary pumice stone. I really love the added mint, blood orange and rosehip oils. The mint in particular is soothing and can help with cleansing skin of bacteria. That is such a great added benefit for a foot scrub.

I often push mindfulness and self care as a means to calm the mind and boost self love. One of my simple tips for achieving that is to turn a simple task, like painting your toenails, into an indulgent ritual by slowing down and adding to the experience. Treating yourself to a natural foot scrub with the added benefit of aromatherapy is an easy way to turn your at-home mani-pedi into a selfcare ritual this Summer.

An absolute must for me during Summer is a self tanner, and I'm so glad I finally found one that is both all-natural and does not leave an orange tint. If you follow on Instagram you’ll know that I’ve tried some of the top-rated self tanners on the market including St. Tropez. While I do like some of the other brands, my problem has always been that because I’m so fair, I can never use enough layers to get a dark tan without getting streaks or the dreaded orange tan.

But with the BaeBlu Beauty Sinless Dark Tanning Mousse, I was able to apply three layers. As you can see in these before and after photos, the result was a very natural-looking dark tan. In fact that shade is almost exactly what my skin looks like whenever I have a natural tan.

Made with natural plant-based ingredients like green tea and gotu kola, the BaeBlu Sinless Tanner isn't just good because it's free of things like parabens, artificial dyes and fragrances. The ingredients it does contain can rather improve the appearance of skin, as they help hydrate, tone and tighten. That is definitely a plus for summer skin!

Non-pore clogging and very fast-absorbing, the Sinless Tanning Mousse doesn't leave a greasy residue and dries very quickly. I love to reapply one to two times a week for a darker tan, but whenever I just apply once per week, I've noticed that it fades quite evenly. I really can’t recommend this one enough. At just over $25 for the 6.5oz. bottle, it’s a must try. For the best application, I suggest pairing it with their Velvet Tanning Mitt to protect your hands from product buildup and to ensure a more even application.

With the rising summer temps, we had a notable spike in humidity here in Oklahoma, and it definitely showed on my skin. I’m a firm believer that oils can actually decrease oily skin by bringing proper moisture and balance, but this summer the weather seemed to change overnight and my usual face oils just weren’t doing the trick. I introduced a few deep pore cleansers and a much lighter skincare routine.

The full skincare regimen, featuring Lisa 32 Skin Care, will be featured separately on the blog and Insta. But for my June favorites here, I have to give it up for their Organic Aloe + Lavender Soothing Gel. Nothing I’ve tried in recent months has cleared up my skin so quickly and consistently. It’s of course great for soothing Summer skin issues, but for me it’s served as an incredible hydrating and clarifying face serum. If you have body acne that can be more common during Summer, this gel is definitely one to try.

Before I transitioned to that new facial care routine, I had several commercial videos and photos to shoot, so I needed to get my skin back in shape fast. I had received this Volition Turmeric Brightening Polish (affiliate link) in my monthly Petit Vour cruelty-free beauty box and decided to give it a try, because I do like turmeric for treating blemishes. I was so glad I tried it, because this polish is one of those products that makes a notable difference after just one use. It really helped me with deep-pore cleansing and minimizing the appearance of pores.

When it comes to summer make up I’ve had several favorites so far. The new KVoss Blushing Beauty Palette is buildable and has just the right amount of shimmer. Whenever I'm in a hurry and don't have time to bronze and highlight, one of these shimmery blush shades is all I need on my cheeks, and they can easily double as eyeshadow too. It's a great multi-tasking palette for Summer travel.

Another favorite when it comes to Summer makeup has been this beautiful "Take on Pink" Vivid Vinyl Lipgloss from Prestige. I'm definitely not one for pastel pinks, but I can get on board with a bold hot pink during Summer. The cool undertones and slightly mauve tint make this hot pink very wearable.

Last month I had the pleasure of reviewing several fragrances from the Arcadian Winds Beauty Deviant Perfumes collection. You can see the full review for that here. While I truly loved each of the elegant fragrances I tried, my top pick for summer is their Ginger and Tonic Eau de Parfum. Its fresh and slightly sweet citrus scent is perfect for summer. The Arcadian Winds fragrance collection is available in the beautiful frosted glass bottle pictured above and is also available as solid perfume in a beautiful antique-inspired locket.

I hope you've enjoyed these June Beauty Faves. You can shop them via the links below, and please let me know if you have any questions about any of the products featured here.

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