Krisztina's Monthly Beauty Faves

Is it really February already?! I had a few followers who were shocked that I was already gearing up for Valentine's Day content a few weeks ago, but here we are. I have some exciting makeup tutorials planned, so stay tuned on YouTube for those! But first, I want to share with you my favorite beauty and wellness products from this past month.

As it is every January, health has been at the forefront of my new year goals. I've held firm with my work-schedule boundaries and have made more time for days off. I've also made proper nutrition a bigger priority every day. Though as some of you know, I have physical limitations. Some days are good (though I'm still limited on those day), while on other days I have severe pain and have a hard time standing up for more than a few minutes at a time. So eating healthy has to be very quick and very easy for me. I've found some non-dairy plant based protein bars, these Good! Snacks Lemon Protein Bars, and non-dairy chocolate protein shakes, these Evolve Protein Shakes in Classic Chocolate (those are both affiliate links). It's been a struggle to find dairy-free plant based proteins that taste good, but I love these! I keep the bars right next to my chair, so I can easily grab one during the work day.

I've been easily getting more greens with the DoTerra TerraGreens, which contains a proprietary blend of whole-food fruits and vegetables combined with superfruits and doTERRA Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® essential oils. I would prefer fresh fruits and veggies, but that is just not realistic for me, especially on the rough days. All I have to do is stir this into a glass of water. It has a bit of a celery juice flavor to it but also has a fresh lemon flavor and has some sweetness to it. With 30 servings per container, it lasts me a full month, so the price is actually incredibly affordable taking that into account.

Supplements are also a quick and convenient way for me to get more of the nutrients I need. The L'BRI Skin Hair and Nails Nutritional Support offers Biotin and Collagen for beauty nutrition. As we age, our bodies naturally produce less collagen. The older I get, it seems it takes longer for topical treatments to make an impact, so I need all the help I can get.

In addition to the biotin and collagen, this L'BRI supplement offers so much more, including other B Vitamins as well as vitamins and mineral that are comparable to a women’s multi-vitamin. It also has anti-aging resveratrol, aloe vera, nettle, and other herbal ingredients designed to support and strengthen the hair, skin, and nails and to fight free radical damage for healthier cells. I've definitely noticed stronger nails and less hair loss since I've been taking this supplement this month. I'm looking forward to the more long-term benefits it will have on my skin!

Another beauty and health related resolution I know a lot of followers had this year was to make the switch to clean beauty products. I was thrilled to test out the all-natural, organic, vegan, and cruelty-free skincare line by Hallistic. I'll be posting a full review soon, but for now, I wanted to highlight at least one of their products - their Hibiscus Joy Facial Tea Toner, currently available in their Mini Travel Set.

Everything about this toner is therapeutic. The combination of the dried botanicals including rose hips, rooibos, green tea, blueberry leaf, willow bark, and hibiscus petals is so aromatic. Somewhat of a DIY (though as quick and easy as making tea) it helps me to indulge my creative side while working with my hands. The dry ingredients go into a reusable organic cotton tea bag, and of course I simultaneously boil water for a relaxing cup of tea while I prepare the toner. The skinfood chefs at Hallistic have aimed to create a thoughtful sensory experience with each formula, and they've certainly succeeded! If you're looking to switch to natural and cruelty-free skincare, I highly recommend Hallistic.

I hope you've had a happy and healthy start to 2020, and I hope you have a very lovely February. You can shop my January faves below. What are some of your beauty and wellness goals this year? Let me know in the comment section before you go!

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