My Favorite Climate-Friendly Beauty Brands Right Now

After I had children (quite a while ago), it became important to me that I start using products with more natural, clean ingredients. When I switched to beauty blogging full-time, I also decided to make the switch to using cruelty-free products exclusively. In more recent years, it has become very important to me to start switching over to more eco-friendly products as well. From recyclable and zero-waste packaging to eco-friendly shipping materials and organic ingredients, these beauty brands are off to a great start at being a part of the solution when it comes to climate change, and their products are among my favorites. Disclosure: All products were provided complimentary for testing purposes, though this is not paid content. Any affiliate links will be marked below.

Purfect Shampoo Bars - In the beauty community we're all familiar with shampoo bars. They're a wonderful way to cut down on packaging waste, and they tend to incorporate natural plant-based ingredients. The amount of packaging waste is greatly decreased not just because they don't come in plastic bottles, but also because they last so long. The average shampoo bar for example, will last about as long as 2-3 shampoo bottles last.

I've been happy about this trend, though I admit, after an unpleasant product testing a few years ago, I just wasn't sure if shampoo bars could ever cut it for my long thick hair. Then as luck would have it, I noticed that one of my skincare sponsors Purfect also carries shampoo bars, and I just had a feeling that I would like them. Purfect kindly let me try both kinds, including their Green Queen and Hello Yellow bars.

The first thing I noticed upon trying these out was that they produce a good amount of lather - something most shampoo bars fail to do. As far as scent goes, I really enjoyed the Hello Yellow bar for it's uplifting natural lemon scent. Made with other natural ingredients including turmeric leaf powder, pumpkin powder, sunflower seed oil, and apricot Kernel; it's a moisturizing and calming shampoo bar that is also rich in vitamins and minerals like iron, copper and vitamin B6. Though the Green Queen bars are more suited to my specific hair care needs. Crafted with tea tree oil, castor oil, camellia seed oil, and olive oil; Purfect's Green Queen shampoo bars are also calming and moisturizing. But with the addition of chlorella and green tea, they can also help with hair strength and hair growth. The Purfect Shampoo Bars come two in a pack in brown paper packaging, and you can get a bundle of both kinds for $20.00.

Natural AWA Beauty Balms - I appreciate that a lot of natural skincare products these days come in climate-friendly glass bottles and jars, but I can only save so many of those before I look like I belong on an episode of Hoarders. I really appreciate brands like Natural AWA Beauty for their zero waste packaging. Their natural face and body oils do come in the reusable/recyclable glass dropper bottles, and their masks comes in reusable/recyclable glass jars, though both have lids made from sustainably-sourced bamboo. The Natural AWA Hand and Foot Balm, Beard Balm and Lip Balm all come in 100% zero-waste paperboard tubes.

David's Natural Toothpaste - When it comes to personal care products like toothpaste, I've tried several different natural brands between various PR packages and beauty box subscriptions. The one with the most climate-friendly packaging is made by David's Natural Toothpaste. I recently learned that not all paper-board boxes are recyclable. The high-shine waxed boxes that some toothpastes come in for instance, cannot be recycled. David's Natural Toothpaste, on the other hand, comes in not only a recyclable box but in a recyclable metal tube as well. I've been using the peppermint, but this eco-friendly toothpaste also comes in Spearmint or Herbal Citrus Peppermint (affiliate link). I want to try the citrus peppermint one next!

Ecoslay Curl Definer - Slay your look, not the planet! That is Ecoslay's motto, and I love it! They carry all-natural hair care and styling products for textured, wavy, and curly hair. I've tried several of their hand-crafted products, and one really stood out to me over the others. The Ecoslay Orange Marmalade Curl Definer styling gel eliminates my frizz so well and gives my hair a healthy shine with a light flexible hold.

Cris's Blends Natural Deodorant - I've been a long-time fan of the natural deodorants at Cris's Blends. They're all-natural, organic and have a baking soda free deodorant for sensitive skin. Their traditional deodorant sticks come in several different natural scents for men and women, and they're available in 100% zero-waste tubes. My personal favorite is the lavender.

I'm excited to be an early tester of their newest launch (coming soon) a deodorant stick that comes in the shape of a square and without an applicator. It's this kind of innovation that can create new ways of doing things. We can change a lot of things when we consider that things don’t have to be done the way they’ve always been done. Deodorant doesn’t have to come in an applicator, lip balm doesn’t have to come in a plastic tube, and shampoo doesn’t have to come in a bottle.

Each one of these climate-friendly natural beauty products are also vegan and cruelty-free! You can shop my top picks below.