My Favorite Nail Colors for Summer 2021

One of the perks of being Taupe Coat’s product photographer is of course the nail polish! I’ve been doing my nails religiously since I was in my early teens (so a very long time ago), and I've tried so many different brands over the years. Since I started using Taupe Coat, I rarely venture out to try new nail polish brands, because their formula is so good, and I always love their color selection. Besides, just look at that cool packaging.

It isn’t heavily advertised as long-wearing, but let me tell you, it is nearly chip-free and usually looks perfect on my nails for at least a week, sometimes longer. I really should keep track of my next mani, since some of my Instagram followers have asked for a sort of timeline photo diary to show exactly how long-wearing it is. I’ll do that with my next new Taupe Coat mani. But first, let’s take a look at their gorgeous 2021 Summer collection.

Of course they’ve been on my Insta all season, and I love seeing my followers’ reactions. It’s so helpful with confirming current trends and forecasting future trends as well. With this collection, I feel like I’m not doing it justice by calling it the “Summer” collection; because the orange is also perfect for Fall, the blue is set to be one of the top color trends this Fall/Winter season, and neons are predicted to be one of the biggest trends for the coming year.

Of these three new shades, the milky neon green nail polish “P.T.O.” probably got the biggest reaction on my Instagram, and I don’t blame you guys! I’ve never worn such a bright green on my nails before, but it still felt quite wearable for me. Taupe Coat has a way of making me love colors that I wouldn’t typically venture to use.

The orange cream coat nail polish “Side Hustle” fell under that category as well, and I’m so glad I tried it. I love how it’s been great for Summer but will work just as well for Autumn. The bold milky blue nail color “Be Uncommon” shade will also work into the Fall and Winter, because that specific sort of light to medium cobalt blue is set to trend in fashion this upcoming season.

All three shades are still available for purchase, as is their Better at Home at-home mani box. You can shop via the links below, and please let me know in the comment section below which one of these bold nail colors is your favorite.

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