My Favorite Body Scrubs for Summer

Whether you're braving a bikini or sporting a cute coverup, Summer is officially here, and that means showing more skin. Honestly, I probably won't be strutting around in a swimsuit of any kind, but let's face it, it is hot! Most of us will at least be wearing some tank tops and shorts to try to stay cool. My favorite way to feel more confident in my skin is with the right body care. Exfoliating is crucial to removing dead skin to make way for newer, softer, and more radiant skin. It also helps your body oil or cream to moisturize and nourish skin more effectively; and if you plan to use a self tanner, exfoliating first can also help you achieve a more even tan.

This Summer my favorite way to exfoliate is with the Bidwell Botanicals body scrubs. They're made with a combination of shea butter, coconut oil, rice bran oil, botanical extracts, and the most incredible fragrances. I noticed right away that the texture was truly unlike other scrubs I've tried, which usually fall some where between being heavy on the oil or heavy on the sugar/salt. Though the texture of the Bidwell Botanicals body scrubs aren't overly oily at all, but they're not too dry either. They're very soft and smooth with almost a whipped body butter texture and super fine sugar that isn't too rough on the skin but is still very effective at exfoliating. I've had the pleasure of trying these wonderful scrubs in three fresh and yummy scents that are so perfect for Summer.

The Pink Lemonade Sugar Scrub has such a yummy sweet strawberry scent plus the skin-renewing benefits of strawberry extract. Refreshing lemon essential oil gives it a hint of citrus. The Pink Lemonade Sugar Scrub also contains jojoba beads for extra gentle exfoliation. If your skin is more sensitive, but you want to try one of these recommendations from Bidwell, go with this one!

Another drink-inspired scent is the Bidwell Botanicals Lime Margarita Body Scrub. It has a lovely lime scent along with refreshing blue agave and prickly pear extract. Just like the Pink Lemonade Scrub, it's made with moisturizing coconut oil and shea butter, but rather than with sugar, it exfoliates the skin with invigorating sea salt. A few of the benefits of sea salt for the skin include not only exfoliation but also the regeneration of new skin and deep-pore cleansing. If you especially struggle with dullness, rough patches of skin, and/or oily blemished skin on your body, this scrub is the one to get!

Another Summer scrub I really wanted to try is the Bidwell Botanicals Limoncello Sugar Scrub. As you'd imagine, it has a distinct lemon scent thanks to the addition of Italian Lemon Essential Oil. Various citrus extracts, vanilla extract, and sugar maple extract combine to create a crisp and mildly sweet scent reminiscent of the Italian lemon liqueur. Let the shea butter, cane sugar, and natural fruit acids exfoliate and moisturize your skin while you pretend you're on vacation in southern Italy.

I know it's hard, perhaps impossible, but if you had to narrow it down, which one of these scents would you pick? Let me know in the comments below! You can shop via the following links, and be sure to check out all of their other unique scented body scubs!

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