My Skincare Routine with Autumn Glow Botanical

I'm so glad I was all booked up on skincare reviews the first time Autumn Glow Botanical reached out to me. At the time, the woman-owned indie skincare brand had one product - a handcrafted face oil which granted looked incredible. But by the time I did have an opening in facial care reviews, the brand had expanded into a complete line including a gel cleanser and facial mist to accompany the face oil, as well as a men's skincare line. Disclosure: This article includes paid promotion, and the products featured here were provided by Autumn Glow Botanical for testing purposes.

At first glance I immediately spotted ingredients that I knew I liked; for example aloe, rosewater, and rosehip oil And as one might expect (or should expect) from a natural and cruelty-free skincare brand; the packaging is eco-friendly, made with recyclable glass bottles. The pretty pink labels looked so beautiful on my counter, as did the pink-colored facial mist that comes in a lovely frosted glass bottle.

Though as much as I love their packaging, when it comes to skincare, it ultimately is what’s inside that counts. And I was equally impressed with the product inside these beautiful bottles.

On the other hand, I wasn’t expecting to get too impressed by the cleanser, because cleanser in general simply isn’t a product type that I get very excited about. But the Autumn Glow Botanical CLEANSE Botanical Foaming Face Wash was so gentle yet effective that it streamlined my skincare routine, so much so that I went all month without double cleansing.

Made with natural cleansing agents derived from coconuts, as well as soothing and blemish-fighting botanicals like aloe, it deeply cleanses yet is gentle enough for sensitive skin. Sulfate-free and fragrance-free, this product won't strip the skin of its natural oils, and it was very hypoallergenic, even for me. It’s usually a struggle for me to find cleansers that don't irritate my sensitive eyes, but this was so gentle, I was even able to use it on my eyes for removing makeup, and it didn't cause any irritation.

Another powerful botanical ingredient in the CLEANSE Facial Cleanser is horsetail extract. Rich in calcium, iron, manganese, silica, and antioxidants; it's a great ingredient for healthier skin. With both anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, the horsetail extract enhances both the soothing and blemish-fighting benefits of this cleanser. It's no wonder I went all month without a single breakout.

The Autumn Glow Botanical NOURISH Toning Face Mist really won me over too. I love a good rosewater mist, because the rose makes for such a beneficial ingredient all on its own. It helps with balancing the skin's pH levels and controls excess oil, and it’s also great for soothing irritated skin as well as treating blemish-prone skin.

Additional skincare benefits of rosewater include hydrating, antioxidant, and toning properties. Used often in aromatherapy as a mood enhancer, the natural rose scent in the NOURISH face mist is a great pick-me-up at the beginning of the day and serves and a comforting and soothing scent at the end of the day.

The rosewater facial mist from Autumn Glow Botanical has the added benefit of hibiscus which serves as a natural AHA; aloe for moisturizing, soothing, and treating blemishes; and witch hazel - one of my favorite ingredients for minimizing the appearance of pores and for keeping breakouts at bay.

As much as I love the ingredients in this rosewater facial mist, I also give it an A+ for the packaging. It comes in such a generous size frosted glass bottle. And the spray pump emits such an even fine mist, so you can use it throughout the day or as a setting mist, and it won’t make your makeup look blotchy.

The third and final step in my skincare routine with Autumn Glow Botanical was just as impressive as the cleanser and toner. The GLOW Beauty Oil is packed with vitamins A and C to help build collagen, even out skin tone, and improve the look of fine lines and wrinkles. I can personally attest that this oil noticeably diminished my stubborn laugh lines in less than a month! If you're looking for a natural way to get younger looking skin, I cannot recommend this one enough.

Made with sea buckthorn oil, the GLOW Beauty Oil is also anti-inflammatory and can help strengthen the epidermis. Some wonderful skincare benefits of rosehip oil (another ingredient in the GLOW beauty oil) may include moisturizing and firming the skin, treating wrinkles, and fading scars. With the sweet and uplifting scent of tangerine, this oil provides an aromatherapy experience just as the facial mist does.

You can shop these natural skincare products individually below, or you can purchase them as a set. For such an effective line with natural organic ingredients, each item is so affordable, with price points around $10-$30 a piece and the complete set on sale at under $50.

I hope you've enjoyed my review of the Autumn Glow Botanical skincare regimen. If you'd like to see more, you can check out my skincare routine video, and you can find the complete ingredient list for each product at If you have any questions about my experience with this skincare routine, please leave me a comment below.

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