My Skincare Routine with Hallistic

A new year is a great time to try a new skincare regimen, especially if you've been thinking about making the switch to natural and cruelty-free. Of course my regimen varies from month to month depending on which products I'm reviewing for my readers and followers. This past month I was so happy to try Hallistic!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored product review, and items were provided complimentary for testing and editorial purposes.

At Hallistic they aren't just cruelty-free; they're part of the PETA Beauty Without Bunnies program, and they give to causes that help animals as well as our environment. Incorporating planet-friendly practices into my own business and home is so important to me. I'm thrilled that their product packaging is made from recycled materials and is recyclable and compostable. Every little detail is environmentally-friendly, from the sustainably-sourced bamboo spoons for the face mask to the eco-friendly packing tape they use on their shipping boxes and the 100% biodegradable product labels. This brand really took its time to get it right in every way possible. Taking their impact on the world a step further, Hallistic has partnered with Trees for the Future to donate ten trees for every product sold.

Owners Josh and Becky care just as much for people as they do our planet. The Mini Travel Set that I sampled comes in a Terra Thread organic cotton Fair Trade pouch. In addition to the Terra Thread partnership helping to provide safe working conditions and fair wages, every pouch Hallistic sells as part of the Mini Travel Set contributes to feeding families across America (another cause that is so important and is so close to my heart.)

So now that you know how big their hearts are at Hallistic, let's look at how impressive their skincare products are. They make 100%-natural organic skin food that has been inspired by their experience as vegan chefs. At Hallistic they want each product to provide an aromatic and indulgent experience, and they have certainly succeeded. Like a fine dining experience, they've broken down their products by course.

First Course - Cacao Truffle Facial Exfoliator

This exfoliator immediately impressed me with two things - the decadent chocolate scent and the fine, smooth texture. Made with coconut sugar, it's much more gentle on the skin than most scrubs, though it's just as effective. Ingredients like vanilla bean infused jojoba oil and cacao butter both add to the aromatic experience while providing a nourishing and moisturizing exfoliant. I really can't express how divine this smells too. It's so hard to use this and not crave a chocolatey dessert!

Second Course - Hibiscus Joy Facial Tea Toner

Somewhat of a DIY, though as easy as brewing a cup of tea, this toner is a fun way to enjoy some self-care and to work with your hands at the same time. It's really quite therapeutic to feel this connection to your skincare. If you've experienced the satisfaction of feeling more connected to a meal by taking part in the preparation, then you know exactly what I mean.

The blend of dried botanicals goes into the reusable organic cotton tea bag (which also comes in the mini kit) and you simply pour boiling water over it into a dish. Once cooled, you pour it into the lovely little spray bottle, and keep this facial toner in the fridge. The cool temp adds a refreshing and soothing quality to an already well-rounded face mist. The hibiscus in the toner helps encourage cell turnover and improves elasticity, while the willow bark helps treat blemishes, and the rooibos serves as a natural and gentle AHA that helps even skin tone and gives your complexion a healthy glow.

Third Course - Sweetie Pie Facial Moisturizer

I'm so glad that the Hallistic moisturizer is a face oil. I much prefer oils to creams, as it's such a great way to infuse a product with all kinds of beneficial natural ingredients. This Hallistic face oil has a warm and comforting scent of vanilla due to the vanilla bean infused jojoba oil. Great for all skin types, the Sweetie Pie face oil is rich and nourishing yet fast-absorbing and very moisturizing. With raspberry to serve as a gentle yet effective plant-based retinol, this moisturizing face oil is also anti-aging.

Weekly Treat - Green Smoothie Facial Mask

I love how this comes as a semi-DIY just like the toner. In powder form, you can mix it your own way, and you can prepare it as-needed. The green and white clays in this mask help to cleanse pores and control oil, while the super food greens offer an array of nutrients and antioxidants.

It contains everything you'd want in a green smoothie - kale, broccoli, spinach, chlorella, spirulina, matcha, and then some. The coconut powder in Green Smoothie adds some hydration. I have to say, for a clay-based mask, it was not at all drying. Try mixing it with the tea toner for smoother skin and a healthy glow.

While these are all currently available in travel sizes as part of their Mini Travel Set, you'll soon be able to get these wonderful products individually in full sizes. Let me know what you think of this superfood skin food set in the comment section below!