My Skincare Ritual with Well + Joy

I was no stranger to Well + Joy, as I've previously had the pleasure of reviewing their Bright and Tight Eye Eye Serum and Wrinkle Treatment. I've found that very few anti-aging products will make my stubborn laugh lines budge, and this was one of those glorious products. I was happy to indulge in their Traveling Spa Kit, which contains a nice sampling of several Well + Joy skincare products, as well as a few extras! Disclosure: Featured products were provided complimentary for testing purposes. This article includes paid promotion.

The Well + Joy Traveling Spa kit, currently more aptly named the Just Stay Home Kit, contains everything you need for a relaxing at-home spa day. From a 4-piece facial care set, bath salts, and body oil; to an immune-boosting liquid supplement and a relaxing aromatherapy mist; it's all you need to rest and recharge. I've included some of my own relaxation tips below, but the spa kit comes with a great little printout with step-by-step techniques for getting the most out of the experience.

I really want to break down the facial care items for you guys, because this brand is one of the most impressive in terms of formulas, and I never say that lightly. As someone who is constantly researching and reviewing skincare, I know that ingredients matter, but more importantly, formulations matter; and this holistic esthetician really knows her stuff. A little goes a long way with these sample sizes, which come in the cutest little glass vials, but they each have me wanting to pick up full-size versions.

This skincare ritual begins with the Well + Joy Encompass Cleansing Oil. Several readers have asked me to post tips on how to be more mindful, and this oil is a great tool for just that. As you massage the cleansing oil into your skin, you can imagine that you are cleansing your body of any stresses you faced during the day. While incorporating some deep relaxation breathing, you can not only release physical tension, but you also get the mental and emotional benefits of aromatherapy. Then comes my favorite part of oil cleansing - the warm towel. It's the proper way to remove any cleansing oil, and it's such a great way to get that spa feel. You can even lay down and rest it over your face for a few more minutes of relaxation breathing before you wipe off the oil.

Next comes the Sandalwood Hydrating Toner. I love a good toner as much as the next beauty guru, and this one is quite unique. Like all good toners; it contains witch hazel, aloe, and chamomile. Though it also incorporates colloidal silver, marine plankton, sea kelp, hyaluronic acid, and as its name would suggest - sandalwood. I find it very soothing, hydrating, and balancing. And the sandalwood essential oil blend provides a relaxing, grounding aromatherapy experience.

This next skincare step is also available in a full size at Well + Joy. The Health + Youth Complete Face Serum has a wonderful lightweight gel texture that is not at all sticky, as some water-based serums have a tendency to be. Like the toner, it too contains sea kelp and marine plankton. The sea kelp bio-ferment provides bioavailable probiotics and trace minerals; while the skincare benefits of marine plankton include a reduction in sun damage, an anti-inflammatory effect, and increased cell regeneration. Additional ingredients like HA, gigawhite, and lactic acid help to further hydrate and renew the skin.

While the powerhouse Complete Face Serum is oil-free, it pairs surprisingly well with facial oils, which brings us to the final step in this holistic skincare routine. The Well + Joy 15% Vitamin C Anti-Aging Serum is such a treat if you like face oils as much as I do. It's made with regenerative rosehip and raspberry seed oils as well as anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant pomegranate seed oil. Seabuckthorn oil provides soothing, hydrating, and renewing benefits; and evening primrose can serve as an effective treatment for blemishes. This rich face oil is such a great all-in-one serum and moisturizer. It's perfect to pair with a gua sha massage or your favorite gemstone facial roller. To incorporate both, use a roller after the Complete Serum and a gua sha tool after the Vitamin C Serum.

You can complete your relaxing spa day with the Well + Joy Neroli Spray-On Body Moisturizer and their custom aromatherapy blend Peace, Love, and Fireflies. It's become one of my favorite mists to use on my pillow before my nighttime meditation, because it smells both relaxing and grounding. As you close your eyes and get in a few more deep breaths, recite my favorite calming meditation "My mind is calm, my body is relaxed," and you'll drift off to sleep before you know it.

If you'd like to experience this relaxing ritual and anti-aging skincare routine, all you need is the Well + Joy Just Stay Home Kit. Enjoy!