My Swimsuit Shoot for Adore Me: A Peachy Summer Makeup Look with Makeup Revolution

Since I created this simple summer look for my first Adore Me swimsuit shoot, it's been my go-to makeup pretty much every time I leave the house lately. It incorporates a quick and easy eyeshadow look with the Makeup Revolution Reloaded Proactive Palette. It's so easy to apply lightly for a casual look or more heavy for a sexier look. Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links, meaning I may earn a percentage from any items purchased through these links.

I started with a light creamy eyeshadow color for a base. I suggest using a matte cream-colored base from a different palette that you already have, because the mattes in this palette aren't very pigmented. It's great for someone who wants light buildable coverage, but if you're expecting a rich color payoff, you'll be disappointed with the Makeup Revolution Reloaded Palettes.

I actually appreciate lighter eyeshadow formulas, because I've only recently started using more color in my makeup looks. My eyeshadow now consists of more than just beige, beige, and more beige. I'm taking baby steps. For the base, however, it needs to be quite pigmented so the other eyeshadow colors show up better.

For this look, I took a soft eyeshadow brush and liberally applied the peachy matte shade over my lids and past the crease, If you have hooded eyelids like I do, it helps to to blend the main color up towards the brow bone.

Because this formula isn't very heavy, I used my fingers to apply the shimmer shade (the one that is just up and to the right of the peach). I find that for highlighting with a shimmer shade, using a finger tip makes the color go on heavier and helps prevent messy fallout too. I applied the highlight, as usual, on the inner corners and on the middle of my lids and a little on the brow bone just underneath the brows.

It's really key here to use a contour shade, because the peach eyeshadow shade stands out much more this way. In a hurry, I tried just the peach shade by itself recently, and it was much lighter on its own and just fell flat. To add dimension and bring out the color, I used a soft domed eyeshadow brush to apply the warm dark brown matte shade (on the top row). Starting at the outer corners, I worked my way in towards the middle of the eyelids just at the crease, lightly back and forth a few times.

I did a short winged brown liner with my Lamik eyebrow gel and used that to line the lower lash lines too. This is where you can turn it into a much more glamorous look by making an exaggerated cat eye with your liner, and by applying the contour shade more heavily. You could also use a thin eyeshadow brush to apply the light shimmer shade underneath the liner on your lower lids for some added sparkle.

The Makeup Revolution Mega Bronzer was great for a warm contour shade, and the e.l.f. Bite Size Face Duo in White Peach went perfectly with this Summer makeup look. A warm red lipstick, "Sacred" by Sen Organics really took everything from a softer peach look to a more bold Summer look. But if red isn't your thing, you can of course go with a simple nude lip gloss.

I do have to say it was my first experience with Makeup Revolution, and I'm not terribly impressed. The design on the packaging wore off very quickly, and I'm also beginning to take note of which brands contain mica and where they source it from. But if nothing else, it's a pretty and affordable option. It certainly won't go to waste here!

A few of my must-have HG makeup products were also used in this look. The Essence I Love Extreme Curl and Volume mascara for example, makes my sad little lashes almost look like falsies. And it's under five dollars! The NYX Pore Filler Primer is wonderful for smoothing out my undereye wrinkles and concealing my dark undereye circles. And yes, it does fill pores, as the name suggests. With this ultra-smoothing primer on first, the COVERGIRL TruBlend Undercover Concealer is my absolute favorite for covering dark circles.

Whether I have on a full base, or my favorite light BB Cream pictured above, I love the e.l.f. Prime & Stay Finishing Powder. It's so great at concealing shine where I don't want it while letting my natural glow show through at the same time. The trick is to dab it into the skin with a blender or makeup sponge when you want to control shine, and lightly apply it with a very soft powder brush where you want some shine control but to still have sheer coverage.

You can see all of the other items I used in this makeup look in the picture above, and you can shop any of these items or the entire look below. As always, these makeup picks are all cruelty-free. Do you like a peach makeup look for Spring and Summer? Let me know in the comment section below!

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