Orange Stem Cells for Younger Looking Skin

Updated: Jan 29, 2019

The topic of plant stem cells in skincare is a scientific and involved one to be sure.  There are many in depth articles detailing the anti-aging benefits of stem cells. While the use of human stem cells in advanced skincare may not be too far off, at present we have access to the next best thing, plant stem cells.

Plant stem cells, much like human stem cells are involved in regeneration and repair. Plant stem cell extracts come from a wide variety of sources, and today I’d like to discuss the specific skincare benefits of orange stem cells.

Whole orange stem cells are far too large to penetrate the skin, so when the cells are harvested they are broken up in a lab with certain molecules being saved and others discarded. So when we discuss orange stem cells in skincare use, we are describing the saved molecules known as growth factors that are extracted from the orange stem cells.

These precious extractions contain:

  • Amino acids, primarily proline and betaines

  • Organic acids

  • Organic sugars

  • Proteins, including one that protects against free radicals

  • Peptides

As with all plant stem cells, orange stem cells are capable of regenerating the entire plant, replacing dying plant cells and repairing damaged ones. Because we humans are mammals, these plant cells cannot achieve this kind of regeneration with our own skin stem cells. So, although topical use of orange stem cells or any plant stem cells cannot produce new skin stem cells within our epidermis, they are very effective at protecting our existing cells from damage.

Along with protection from degeneration, the amazing extracted growth factors that are harvested from orange stem cells also provide the following benefits to the skin:

  • Recovered elasticity

  • Reduction of oxidative damage

  • Increased synthesis of collagen

  • Increased radiance and firmness

  • Re-densifies the dermis structure

  • Anti-inflammatory

  • Velvety and younger appearance to skin

I wanted to utilize the orange stem cells in Arcadian Winds Beauty’s Nourish Rich Neck and Eye Cream, because when it comes to loss of elasticity, sadly our neck and eye areas are the first to suffer. Because this skin is so much thinner than the rest of the face, it is incredibly vulnerable to premature aging. Surface dehydration is the number one culprit for all those little creases and crinkles, which is why the eye and neck area require targeted treatment that goes beyond a face cream.

Orange stem cells are used at a whopping 3% in Nourish Rich Neck and Eye cream and listed as the third label ingredient. Combined with all the essential fatty acids and high-powered humectants in this rich cream, surface dehydration is quenched and skin appears smoother and renewed.  A study using orange stem cells at a 3% concentration in skincare yielded clinical results.

As a skin care professional, I have never tried to convince anyone that there is some magical topical product out there that is going to turn the clock back 20 years. There just is no such thing.  However, utilizing the latest technology and effective ingredients in skincare such as orange stem cells is your best shot at protecting and preserving your beautiful skin in its current condition. The words “anti aging” get thrown around so often it’s unclear what they even mean. To me anti aging simply means taking a PROACTIVE approach to getting older because let’s face it, we are all going to age. But because of the myriad of innovative materials such as plant stem cells found in skincare today, we truly do have the ability to delay the natural aging process. And that sounds pretty good to me.

About the Author: Lisa is a 14-year licensed Master Esthetician and Founder/Formulator of Arcadian Winds Beauty skincare at