Portable Aromatherapy for On-the-Go Anxiety Relief

Updated: May 26

The recent rise in popularity of essential oils has brought aromatherapy back into the limelight, though this holistic approach to well-being has been around for a long time. Studies have shown that the proven health benefits of aromatherapy include improved sleep, a reduction in physical pain, and relief from anxiety and depression. The use of aromatherapy and essential oils for stress relief has become so prevalent that leading essential oil brands like Wyndmere Naturals have created their own Anxiety Release blend formulated specifically to ease stress, as well as innovative products to help us benefit from aromatherapy anytime and anywhere. It is after all a busy on-the-go lifestyle that is more likely to cause stress and anxiety.

One of my favorite ways to benefit from essential oils for anxiety relief is with aromatherapy jewelry. With the help of lava stones and locket pendants, you can diffuse your favorite essential oil in anything from a beaded bracelet to a beautiful pendant necklace. I recently got the Swan Song Pendant from Wyndmere for myself, and I love it! It is so beautiful and elegant. The chain is nice and long, and the pendant itself is a little larger in person than I imagined it would be. So while it looks great with dressy outfits, it goes so well with more casual looks too. I could even see it matching one of my summery boho-chic outfits, so I know it'll be versatile all year long. I like to diffuse the Anxiety Release blend or a Lavender essential oil in this aromatherapy pendant.

If you aren't into jewelry, there are several other options for on-the-go anxiety relief. Whenever I need immediate relief from stress or feel a panic attack coming on, I go straight for my Anxiety Release Essential Oil Roll On. A smaller and more pocket-size option is the Anxiety Release Inhaler. Though the roll on is still small enough to fit in my pocket or purse, and I like that it can double as perfume. It has such a nice floral and citrus fragrance to it.

If you need your aromatherapy to be both portable and hands-free, pair the Anxiety Release essential oil blend with a convenient travel diffuser like this small AromaPod, which can stick to or hang from any surface; or try these Lavender inhalation patches. The aromatherapy patches at Wyndmere can stick to your clothes or directly to the skin, and the scent lasts up to eight hours.

It's incredible to see so many convenient and portable products coming out for aromatherapy. When it comes to on-the-go anxiety relief, the roll on and the jewelry are definitely my favorite. Have you tried essential oils for anxiety relief yet? Let me know in the comments below!

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