Review: Arcadian Winds - Deviant Perfumes Collection

So many trends come and go with each new season. Whether it be home decor, fashion or beauty; it’s fun to welcome each new season with a little refresh. In the world of beauty that can be anything from new makeup to changing hairstyle trends, and one of my personal favorites, a new seasonal perfume. For this spring and summer it was actually several different fragrances, from one of my favorite clean beauty brands. Arcadian Winds Beauty kindly sent four fragrances from their Deviant Perfumes Collection.

I’ve been intrigued by the solid perfume trend, so I was happy to see one of those included in my package. Solid perfumes often come in beautiful and unique packaging, and this Midnight Orris Solid Perfume from Arcadian winds did not disappoint. Set in an antique style cameo locket, any one of their solid perfumes would make for a unique gift. As practical as it is beautiful this locket can fit in my pocket or purse for on-the-go use.

This particular Midnight Orris scent includes floral notes of orris butter, which is extracted from an iris plant. The rich floral fragrance is rounded out with a touch of vanilla and sweet berries. To me the Midnight Orris perfume has a very elegant floral scent with just a hint of sweetness and a very soft yet rich finish from the vanilla. It's a very complex and luxurious fragrance and perhaps is my current favorite. Another added benefit to it being in a solid perfume is that the scent is more subtle than in the traditional perfume version.

For a more fun, light and Summery floral, I love the Arcadian Winds Lovely Linden Eau De Parfum. It's the product details for this fragrance, the linden flower is described as a joyous scent. I have to say, when I went from sampling the Midnight Orris fragrance to Lovely Linden, my first thought was of joy. It's definitely a happy and uplifting floral scent, but like all of the fragrances in this collection, there is a depth and complexity to Lovely Linden. Warm musk provides a slight richness to this lighter mix of florals, and the creamy touch of vanilla from notes of tonka bean adds a sweet and soft warmth. To me it's the perfect fragrance for a fun Summer date.

If floral fragrances aren't your thing, Arcadian Winds has you covered with their Ginger and Tonic Eau De Parfum. It's a bright mix of fresh, sweet citrus notes. Personally I smell a hint of lemon and a sweet lime scent. The subtle fresh ginger balances out the sweet citrus, while vanilla amber provides just the right amount of sensuality to an otherwise innocent fragrance. It's another great perfume for a Summer date.

For a perfume that transitions well from Spring to Summer to Autumn, the Forest Garden Eau De Parfum begins with an intoxicating combination of white florals including magnolia. I think it's a more sophisticated and elegant floral fragrance, much like the Arcadian Winds Midnight Orris, but with a lighter base and a sweet floral touch.

You can shop any of these beautiful fragrances, or their brand new rose perfume, at Do you like to switch up your fragrances each season? Let me know in the comment section below.