Review: Biosphere Natural Day and Night Face Creams

When it comes to my face moisturizer, I tend to go back and forth between face oils and face creams, especially depending on which products I'm currently testing for the beauty blog. This month I had the pleasure of trying the luxurious face creams from Biosphère Naturel, a French beauty brand that provides clean and cruelty-free luxury skincare. The products at Biosphère are crafted in the Occitanie region in the south of France with cleaner, healthier ingredients.

While I often use the same face oil for day and night, the Biosphère face creams come in two different formulas, a morning and an evening cream, each designed specifically for different needs. For daytime, the Biosphère Naturel Lumière Crème Jour helps to protect, tone, moisturize, and smooth. Organic botanicals like water lily root extract help soothe and hydrate, while the skincare benefits of bamboo extract include an antioxidant boost and a protective skin barrier.

It's perfect to layer on top of my serums to help seal them in and to finish off my routine with the mattifying and oil-controlling properties this face cream also provides. I love the light lotus blossom scent. It add a unique floral fragrance. Though I did find the fragrance a little too strong to use this on my under-eye area, so I simply used a separate eye cream, which I already do anyway.

The Biosphère Natural Jeunesse Crème Anti Age is an organic anti-aging complex that serves as an all-in-one night cream that hydrates, nourishes, balances, and renews. Organic rose water, argan oil, shea butter, neroli, plankton extract, rosemary extract, and raspberry extract provide Vitamins A, B, C, D, E, K, and essential fatty acids.

The fast-absorbing shea butter and argan oil are very hydrating but weren't too heavy or oily - perfect for my combination skin. With balancing rose water, this night cream is really great for all skin types. I love that the rosewater is not only balancing but smells so good too. The skincare benefits of raspberry extract provide added moisturizing and anti-aging properties. My skin was immediately much softer as well as plump and radiant the following morning, After a few weeks of use, I noticed even my deeper wrinkles had diminished.

If you find that anti-aging creams with retinol are too harsh for your skin, I highly recommend you try this night cream as an effective plant-based retinol alternative.

Each of these face creams come in an easy-to-use airless pump that preserves the shelf life of the ingredients, prevents bacterial contamination, and ensures you get every last drop of product. I've been using mine for about a month now, and I'm not even halfway through on the day cream, so a little goes a long way! I'm a little further into the night cream, because that one I've been using on my face, chest, and hands every night; though it too still has a fair amount left.

If you're looking for an anti-aging day and night cream, and especially if you're looking to streamline your skincare routine to just a few steps, I highly recommend Biosphère Naturel. They're available on Amazon, and they also offer Free Shipping on all orders at

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