Review: Imprimerie + Beauty

When I unboxed Imprimerie + Beauty on my IGTV channel, I titled it my "Prettiest Unboxing Ever," and I wholeheartedly meant it! This cruetly-free vegan beauty brand combines high-quality clean beauty products with such beautifully designed packaging. The word imprimerie is French for printing house after all. The unique watercolor patterns on all of the Imprimerie + Beauty packaging were created by Abbey Holden, an artist known for her playful patterns and designs.

With feminine fragrances, fun makeup, and luxurious nail care; it's the place to shop if you want Instagram-worthy beauty products. Let's face it, who doesn't?

This month I tried their nail care and organic fragrances and have been equally impressed by both. The natural perfumes, made from 100% organic sugarcane alcohol and custom-blended botanicals, come in three different scents, each with its own pattern on the packaging. I really like that the perfumes are big enough to look good on a vanity but still small enough to fit inside my purse.

As you can see in the photo above, they also come in their own little lidded boxes, so they're perfect for gift-giving. The natural botanical blend of meadowsweet, shea, hibiscus, and primrose is added to all three fragrances to help protect and condition the skin while wearing the perfume.

The Rosé Champagne - Sparkling Bloom + Woodlands perfume comes in the pastel pink and white watercolor-printed packaging, and to me it has the most feminine scent of the three. With notes of rosé champagne, pink peppercorn, red berries, black currant, red amber, and warm wood; this floral scent is so rich and complex. It is unmistakably feminine and floral in a very sophisticated way.

Slightly less feminine, the Orange Blossom - Cleméntine + Amber Vanille perfume combines sweet Brazilian orange with woodsy amyris and the fruity floral scent of ylang-ylang. Notes of vetiver, bourbon, and vanille add both a richness as well as a refreshing layer to this sweet, luxurious, and uplifting fragrance. It comes in the beautiful blue and pink watercolor-printed packaging.

Quite possibly my favorite of the three fragrances, though it's so hard to pick a favorite here, is the Fresh - Peony Fleurs + Woods perfume. With notes of Egyptian geranium, Spanish orange, bergamont, cedarwood, pink pepper and Turkish rose; it's floral and fruity in a very luxurious and sensual way. This sexy fragrance comes in the blue and pastel purple watercolor-printed packaging.

I also had the pleasure of testing their Lemon and Hemp Cuticle Oil. It's made with hemp seed oil and chamomile, rosehip, horsetail and geranium oils plus lemon oil to aid in nail bed health. I've found hemp seed oil to be so nourishing and moisturizing in skincare, so it's an excellent choice for this cuticle oil.

I actually like to use it all over my hands and nails, especially whenever I'm prepping for mani Monday on Instagram. While hemp seed oil can have an unpleasant odor in my opinion, the addition of lemon oil not only helps to make nails healthier and shinier, but it also make this product smell so good!

Since using the Imprimerie + Beauty cuticle oil this month, my nails have become stronger, and the skin around my nails have become much more smooth and soft. The cuticle oil (which has such beautiful packaging itself) comes in a pretty set with one of the three patterned nail file packs pictured above. I'm already thinking ahead that this would make an amazing stocking stuffer, and if paired with a nail polish set, would make such a beautiful gift.

I so appreciate that the owner and creator behind Imprimerie + Beauty, Maggie Wedemeyer, has created a brand that combines such high-quality clean beauty products with these exquisite patterns and colors while implementing cruelty-free and eco-conscious business practices. You can shop via the links below, and be sure to use code KRISZTINA25 for 25% OFF your order!

Each product truly is a work of art. Let me know which pattern is your favorite in the comments below, and stay tuned on Instagram for early access to my upcoming review of their makeup line!

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