Surprising Nail Color Trends for Fall 2019

When it comes to makeup, classic Autumn hues like rich wine reds and moody purples will always be in; but for Fall 2019, there are some surprising nail color trends, and the new Meraki Polish Summer collection just happens to have several of these top-trending shades. From bright warm shades to cool-toned pastels, these colors will get you through Autumn, Winter, and even through next Spring and Summer!

Yellow has been a huge trend in eye shadow colors this year too, and just like the yellow eye shadow trend, it's a color that is popular for Fall as well. This Meraki Polish in "You Are My Sunshine" is the perfect balance between a bright and a pastel.

I think that is what makes it such a versatile yellow. It is one of the classic colors of the beautiful changing leaves of Autumn after all. I'd love to create nail art with this and other Fall-leaf shades!

While not quite an Autumn orange, the Meraki Polish "Mama Mia" pictured above is very on-trend, as I've noticed a similar shade in a few new Autumn collections this year.

Like the new Meraki Polish in yellow, this too strikes the perfect balance between a pastel and a bright. It's versatile in its application too, with a buildable formula. Use just a few layers for a softer peachy orange, or use three or more layers for a brighter and bolder orange. It would pair perfectly with the yellow above for some Autumn nail art.

If on the other hand you've been more into soft pastels this year, you're in luck because that nail color trend is also continuing into Fall. Though unlike the typical pale pinks and warm nudes, cool tones in purple and blue have been at the forefront, especially when it comes to the holographic nail polish trend.

This Meraki Polish "Forever" is such a light a soft shade of purple. Pair it with your favorite dark purple for some monochromatic nail art!

For a trendy pastel that will work all year round, go for a lovely white nail color or this beautiful pastel blue - the Meraki Polish "BFF's". It's a soft icy blue that will work into Spring and is perfect for Winter.

I'll still be wearing classic dark nail colors this Fall season too, but it's fun to have these new trends in my rotation. I love how each color is so versatile and so beautiful, they'll be on-trend with each coming season. You can shop these nail colors with the links below, and get Free Shipping on any Meraki order over $40. Which color is your fave? Let me know in the comments before you go!

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