Ten-Minute Makeup with Imprimerie + Beauty

My everyday go-to makeup look has always included a hint of shimmer. With the right bronzer and a neutral shimmer eyeshadow, it's easy to feel pretty and put-together even when limited on time. The Shimmer Sticks at Imprimerie + Beauty make it even easier!

Their Shimmer Sticks come in three different shades - Champagne for a highlighter, Rosé for a shimmer blush, and Bronze for a bronzer of course. While you can use all three on the cheeks, I love the bronzer as both a blush and contour, especially whenever I want a quick makeup look. If you have fairer skin with more cool undertones, however, you may prefer the blush shade on the cheeks.

But first let's go back to the beginning. My latest trick on getting that dewy glow without looking too oily is to mix a few drops of facial oil into my foundation, then I use a liquid concealer, and powder only where needed most. This not only cuts down on application time, but also creates a more natural dewy and luminous look, perfect for pairing with the subtle shimmer sticks.

After I apply my foundation and concealer, I apply the Bronze Shimmer Stick in a straight line along the hollows of my cheeks then two more swipes across the apples of my cheeks out towards the hairline. I've noticed these shimmer sticks don't need much blending, so I lightly and quickly blend it with my fingertips.

I'd normally finish my blush/bronzer before moving onto my eye makeup, but part of what makes this look so quick is that the shimmer sticks can also be used on the eyes. With a quick swipe of the bronzer over the lids and in the crease, just up to my brow bones, my eye makeup is almost complete.

Now comes the beautiful highlighting Champagne Shimmer Stick. I swipe it along the very top of my cheek bones in an out and upward motion towards my temples (no blending needed). Then to quickly complete the eye look, I swipe it along the length of the brow bone just underneath the eyebrows.

The Imprimerie + Beauty Watermelon Finishing Powder makes it easy to provide shine control only where needed most, like the T-zone. For on-the-go oil control, I love the Imprimerie + Beauty Blotting Papers. These come in a beautiful Finishing Powder and Blotting Papers Set, in three different designed options (pictured below). Between the colorful printed blotting paper compact and the luxurious glass bottle with a gold-toned lid, it's a very gift-worthy makeup set.

You could finish of this look with mascara alone, but I love a good eyeliner as well. If you're in a hurry, it's not the time for a winged eyeliner with liquid liner, though a quick cat eye with a kohl liner can have a big impact with little effort.

For the lips, Imprimerie + Beauty has three moisturizing lip tints to pick from - a nude/pink, a cool-toned red, and a neutral red. Each are so wearable and hydrating. Made with shea butter and several plant oils, they're good for your lips and save time by taking the place of both lipstick and a lip balm.

For daytime, the Rose + Perlé Lip Tint is the easiest and of course the most appropriate. It's what I'm wearing in the picture above. With a slight hint of shimmer, it add a very nice sheen as well.

The Imprimerie + Beauty Lip Tints have such a lightweight buildable formula that can be worn day or night, which makes either of the darker shades the perfect day-to-evening lipstick to toss into your purse before work. Simply apply a light coat for daytime, and reapply a few layers for date night. The Plum + D'Envie Lip Tint (also pictured) is a beautiful cool-toned berry red, while the Ruby + Rouge Lip Tint is the perfect neutral red that is so easy to wear.

I hope you enjoyed this quick and easy makeup look. In addition to being so simple and beautiful, all of the makeup products at Imprimerie + Beauty are natural, cruelty-free, and vegan. You can shop this look via the links below, and please leave a comment before you go!

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