The Beauty Edit: March Beauty Faves

This month's beauty edit was all about getting my skin back in shape after the cold and dry winter months. From an all-over balm and super light-weight body lotion to an ultra-nourishing facial oil; here are my recent favorites for getting my skin ready for Spring!

I tried three different products from 28 Litsea this month, and I was equally impressed with each of them. Being a major lip balm addict, I was thrilled to try the Melted Balm All-Purpose Treatment and the Tinted Petala Lip Balm. The Melted Balm truly is an all-purpose hydrating balm that can be applied anywhere that needs repair. I love to use mine on my cuticles and any dry spots on my hands, as well as on my lips whenever they're especially dry or cracked. Made with natural ingredients like calendula and red raspberry seed oil, it's incredibly soothing. The addition of beeswax helps to seal and protect.

For everyday use, the 28 Litsea Tinted Petala Lip Balm contains cocoa butter and sweet almond oil - two of my favorite ingredients for moisturizing. This hydrating tinted lip balm is available in two beautiful pink shades; In Love, a light soft pink, and Fling, a fun bubblegum pink. Tinted Petala gets its subtle hint of color naturally with alkanet root powder. The addition of peppermint essential oil provides a refreshing minty flavor.

For moisturizing my body, I've been loving the 28 Litsea Top Note Wild Citrus Body Oil. It's a very light-weight and fast-absorbing oil with an uplifting orange scent combined with pink peppercorn and their namesake ingredient litsea to create a more complex and sophisticated citrus fragrance.

When it comes to self-care lately, I've relied heavily on the natural pain relief products from Okwuma Originals. They have several products made with their Relief - Muscle & Joint formula, and I had the pleasure of testing both the bath salts and the therapeutic cream. The Relief Muscle & Joint Cream combines seven different essentials oils that fight inflammation and provide both a warming and analgesic sensation. I found it to be incredibly effective on even my severe pain from bursitis and muscle spasms. Even better - unlike most topical pain relievers, the Relief cream doesn't have a strong medicinal smell.

As effective as the Relief cream is on its own, it's even better when paired with the Relief - Muscle & Joint Bath Soaking Salts. The same pain-relieving essential oils are combined with epsom salt, which contains the pain-relieving power of magnesium sulfate; and Mediterranean sea salt, which has many health benefits, including pain relief. Soaking in a warm bath of these ingredients not only helps to ease aches and pains, but also helps the pores open, which helps the pain relief cream to absorb deeper into the skin, providing more muscle relaxation. Catch my full review of the Okwuma Originals Pain Relief products.

​When it comes to scented body moisturizers, I tend to go with a body oil and/or a thick body butter. Though I was very pleasantly surprised when I tried the light-weight lotion by BioSphère Naturel - an organic, clean, and cruelty-free skincare brand that is carefully crafted in the Occitanie region in the south of France. The owner of BioSphère Naturel aimed to combine natural, healthy ingredients with a more luxurious aesthetic. The result was a line of skincare that provides a sophisticated and spa-like experience.

The lightweight yet very moisturizing Délice Lait Corps organic body lotion has a subtle raspberry scent and is made with botanical oils that penetrate deep into the skin for lasting hydration. Also made with cocoa butter and aloe, the Delice Lait Corps offers instant hydration as well. I love to use it as my daily hand cream throughout the work day, as it keeps my hands soft and smooth and doesn't leave any oil on my fingers. I don't have to worry about it rubbing off onto my smart phone or keyboard.

For my daily facial care routine last month, I tried several products from SanRe Organic Skinfood, and I have to say, my skin is looking incredible! Their Hemp Revival Face & Neck Serum is made with beneficial oils like hemp seed oil, chia seed oil, sacha inchi oil, sea buckthorn oil, and plantain oil. This serum also contains beneficial essential oils and botanical extracts like hawthorne extract, clove bud essential oil, dandelion extract, and more. It's no surprise that my skin has been feeling much healthier and looking quite flawless.

My other favorite facial care product from SanRe was their Eye of Youth Eye Cream. As I'm nearing 40 and struggle with deep under-eye wrinkles, my skincare regimen wouldn't be complete without a high-performing eye cream. I love that the Eye of Youth Cream addresses my wrinkles as well as fine lines and dark under-eye circles.

Ingredients like carrot seed oil and frankincense help with anti-aging, while hyaluronic acid and beeswax offer immediate hydration, and caffeine helps eliminate dark circles. See my complete skincare routine with SanRe Organic Skinfood to learn more about their facial care products and ingredients.

Thanks so much for checking out my March beauty faves! You can shop the edit via the links below, and please leave a comment below if you have a question about any of the products featured here.

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