The Best Self-Care Sets to Give and to Get

Updated: Dec 12, 2020

Self care can consist of vastly different things for different people. In its simplest of forms, it can be anything that you do just for you. Taking the time to value your physical and mental wellbeing is a great way to restore your self worth or even just to recharge. Making the effort to give someone else self-care is a great way to show them you care about their well-being too. For the beauty and wellness enthusiast, there are several different types of gifts that they'll love using on #selfcaresunday

The most fool-proof way to give self-care is with a nice spa gift box. While facial care is more tricky and can sometimes be insulting (like the time my mom gave me wrinkle cream on my birthday), but a luxurious body butter and some relaxing bath salts are a sure way to help someone feel like they deserve some pampering. During the busy holiday season, it's a great way to pamper yourself too.

The Okwuma Originals Home Spa Gift Boxes come with loofahs, a variety of all-natural bath and body products, and even a little votive candle to enjoy while relaxing in the tub. You can pick from one of their three signature essential oil blends Revitalizing, Restorative, or Relief; and each set comes perfectly packaged in a gift box with a bow. If this is for someone special, like a significant other, you can make it even more luxurious by slipping in a gift card for a massage.

Another fool-proof skincare gift that also serves as self-care is a nice face roller and gua sha set. They’re so pretty, they’re sure to spark joy, and they come in different stones like jade and rose quartz. As rose quartz often represents self love when incorporated into meditation, it’s the perfect type of roller set to give as a gift (or to get for yourself).

For the homebody, Winter is the perfect time to light a cozy candle and curl up with a good book. My favorite candles by PriSu make for the perfect gift all on their own, but if you're really looking to take it up a notch; fill a gift basket with one of these luxurious PriSu Eco soy candles, a beautiful candle accessory set, a mug and their favorite tea or coffee, and perhaps even a cozy throw blanket.

Self-care isn't about trying to look better or improve by changing oneself. It's all about valuing and honoring yourself as you are. That being said, one of the most popular ways an Insta beauty blogger wants to wind down with self-care is with a nice face mask. But again, you'll want to play it safe when giving facial care as a gift. Stay away from anything "anti-aging," and stick with "calming" or "moisturizing" masks for example. These Viva Naturals Sheet Masks are so soothing, and they incorporate soothing aromatherapy!

If you know the recipient is much more into aromatherapy in itself, gifting is simple. I'd go with either a ready-made set that includes both body and home mists, like a relaxing pillow mist and an essential oil roller. For the aromatherapy lover who likes to get crafty, go with something like this Anjou essential oil set they can use to make their own custom blends. Self-care that incorporates a hands-on hobby allows us to nurture our creativity. If you know someone who is under a lot of stress, that type of self-care can be great for mental health.

I hope this has given you some ideas on how to pamper your loved ones and yourself as well. And I hope you have a wonderful holiday season!