The Colored Eyeliner Trend Two Ways

Updated: Apr 11, 2019

Colorful eyeliner is one of my recent favorites when it comes to makeup trends. This Spring in particular, it seems we've skipped over the traditional soft pinks and have gone straight for the metallics and bold colors we typically see during Summer.

While I used to stick with neutral tones and just a hint of shimmer, my eyes have finally adjusted to the dazzling sparkle and the bright neon hues, and I'm all for it! A recent purchase of mine was this Prism Makeup Interstellar 21 Colors Pigmented Eyeshadow Palette, which is filled with various colorful eyeshadows in both matte and shimmer finishes. It's the perfect palette to help you get in on the bold eye makeup trend.

If you aren't quite into the full colorful eyeshadow look, I suggest you start with the colored-eyeliner trend. Here are two simple ways to wear the trend, using the Prism Makeup Interstellar Palette.

1. Start with a lighter base shade. With the Interstellar Palette, I used the light shimmer shade "Asteroid" and applied it with a rounded-tip large eyeshadow brush all over my lids, on the brow bones just underneath the eyebrows, and on the inner corners of my eyes.

2. Create a basic winged eyeliner look in black, using liquid eyeliner, and let dry completely before applying the colored liner.

3. Use a thin angled eyeliner brush and one of the darker shimmer shades (I went with "Big Bang"), to create a second line directly above the black eyeliner. It helps to wet the brush before applying the eyeshadow, and you will need to go over it several times to make it wide and dark line like you see in the image below.

You can stop right there, and you'll have a hint of color that is perfect for date night. This look would work well with other dark shades in the palette, like the dark purple or the dark green.

For a colored liner look that is a bit more daring and fun, use the angled eyeliner brush to line your lower lids as well. Make a nice thick line to really highlight the shade. The dark blue Big Bang shade went perfectly with the aqua shimmer shade Gravity.

Have you tried the colored eyeliner trend yet? Which one is your favorite look? Let me know in the comments below!

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