Why Everyone Needs Oil in Their Beauty Routine

When I was younger (much younger) and would spend my free time pouring over teen fashion magazines in my bedroom, I came across some ill-advised suggestions on how to deal with my oily skin and oily scalp. Some so-called beauty expert (no doubt prompted by a brand selling oil-free foundation) insisted that those with oily skin should always go with oil-free products. Add that to all of the cheap and harsh products for "controlling oil," and I would spend nearly two decades constantly losing the battle with my oily skin.

It wasn't until I embraced oil, both in my facial care and hair care products, that I would finally win the battle against my oily skin.

The biggest problem with avoiding oil in beauty products, and especially with using harsh ingredients, is that it can actually lead to more problems. If you try too hard to control oil, it can actually lead to an over-production of oil. This imbalance leads to a vicious cycle of too much oil, often followed by harsh products, which causes dryness that circles back to too much oil. Even worse, during those spurts of dryness, the skin becomes more susceptible to bacteria and blemishes.

For years and years, I had no idea that I actually have sensitive/combination skin rather than oily acne-prone skin and that my scalp is actually normal to dry instead of oily. I thought this was just how my skin naturally was and that I would always struggle with oil and blemishes. When I embraced oils in my moisturizers, my skin began to heal and found the right balance.

The other benefit to oil, especially when it comes to hair care is that you can nourish your hair from the roots. It really doesn't do much good to coat your hair in pro-vitamin shampoo that you merely rinse off right away in the shower. For truly healthy hair, beauty treatments should start at the scalp. Oils like coconut and apricot are wonderful at moisturizing both the scalp and hair. I particularly like coconut oil for smoothing frizz and adding shine. It makes for a healthier, all-natural alternative to typical salon treatments. You can even incorporate all-natural ingredients like castor oil and certain extracts or essential oils to help stimulate hair growth and maintain a healthy scalp.

Though DIY hair treatments can be fun, like a homemade hair mask, when it comes to my daily hair care routine, I love the convenience of a great hair oil. My recent favorite is the Revitalizing Organic Hair Oil by Loving Culture (pictured above). It contains both coconut and apricot oil for moisture, and it also contains castor oil to help with hair growth and to help repair and balance the scalp. The antioxidants in castor oil also support keratin in hair, which helps make the hair stronger and more sleek. The addition of cinnamon and cayenne extract further help to stimulate the scalp and aid in promoting hair growth. I love that a great hair oil like this can be use as a scalp treatment as well as a leave-in conditioning and shine treatment on the hair.

If you struggle with a dry or an oily scalp (or both) I challenge you to incorporate an oil into your hair care routine! You can shop via the link below, and if you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment.

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